2H slide valve type vacuum pump

Features and applications of the 2H slide valve vacuum pump:

The 2H slide valve type vacuum pump is suitable for pumping air and other general gases. When used in gas town, it can also absorb a small amount of condensable gas (such as water vapor). Additional devices should be added when inhaling gases that are high in oxygen, explosive, corrosive to ferrous metals, and chemically reactive to vacuum oils. This type of pump can be used alone, also can be used as a diffusion pump, oil pump, roots pump such as vacuum pump before, relative to the rotary vane vacuum pumps, H plunger pump is durable, long service life. The pump is used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum sintering, molecular distillation and aviation simulation test.

The slide valve pump has the following characteristics:

1. Optimized design weight, low vibration and low noise.

2. The bearing seal chamber provides oil separately, which is separated from the pump chamber to avoid impurities incoming bearing and seal premature damage

3. According to the user’s requirement, the auxiliary fuel tank can be attached to the cooling vacuum the effect of impurities

4. Except for the old h-150, the motor is placed above the pump, with a compact structure.

Slide valve vacuum pump town valve function:

This type of vacuum pump is equipped with a gas ballast mechanism, which can accelerate the extraction of steam without polluting the oil. If vacuum pump out only permanent gases, gas liquefaction due to the increase of the pressure, then there is no pump oil degradation, but if you want to use the pump to the vacuum dry or moist air out, is not only have a permanent gases and water vapor in the gas, if this part use without gas ballast pumps steam, steam will be liquefied and dissolved in oil, the vacuum properties of oil degradation, thus reduces the pumping speed of pump and the vacuum degree.


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