Piston vacuum pump operating principle

Piston type oil seal mechanical pump (referred to as piston vacuum pump) is the same as the vane pump, is a variable volume gas transfer vacuum pump. And the scope and use conditions and vane pump is basically the same.

The ultimate pressure of single-stage vacuum pump is less than or equal to 0.6pa for small vacuum pumps, less than or equal to 1.3pa for large vacuum pumps (both gas-tight town), and less than or equal to 0.06pa for double-stage vacuum pumps (gas-tight town). Vacuum pump speed greater than 150L/s piston vacuum pumps are mostly single-stage type.

Because the rotary mass of the piston vacuum pump has a large eccentricity, if the good mass balance, in operation will produce a large vibration.

However, the movement trajectory of the rotating center of mass of the vacuum pump is a complicated closed curve, so it is difficult to achieve a complete balance of the inertia force of the piston vacuum pump. It is an important problem to balance the mass of piston and reduce the vibration of vacuum pump.

The structure of piston vacuum pump is mainly as shown in the figure.

structure of piston vacuum pump is mainly as shown in the figure

The vacuum pump body is equipped with a plunger ring 4 and an eccentric wheel 3. The eccentric wheel is fixed on the shaft 2, and the shaft coincides with the center line of the vacuum pump body. A rectangular plunger rod 5 is arranged on the plunger ring, which can slide up and down and swing left and right in the semi-circular plunger guide rail 7. Therefore, the vacuum pump body is divided into two chambers a and B by the plunger ring and the plunger rod. During the operation of the vacuum pump, due to the periodic change of the volume of chamber a and chamber B, the gas continuously enters the suction chamber with gradually increased volume; at the same time, with the reduction of the volume of the exhaust chamber, the gas is compressed, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust valve.

The above is the working principle of piston vacuum pump. If there is any problem, how to adjust and replace the heating strip of vacuum packaging machine, please contact us!

Piston vacuum pump operating principle

Piston vacuum pump operating principle

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