Remanufactured Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Remanufactured liquid ring vacuum pumps are a reliable and durable solution for demanding process applications. Continuous commitment to innovative product research and development support; Continue to introduce quality liquid ring pumps and product upgrades to meet stringent application requirements, while reducing total cost of ownership.

Remanufactured Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Remanufacturing liquid ring vacuum pump features:

To improve efficiency
High vacuum (100 mbar abs / 3″ Hg abs)
Polyisoprene rubber lining
Eco-flo water saving technology
In the 2be4 2BE3 type and replace
Improved bolt-connected sleeve joint for sealing.

Economical and practical, coaxial pump

From the new 2BV2 series liquid ring pump, its compact design brings huge benefits in many aspects, high efficiency, multi-function, not only save space and reduce water consumption by 50%, the operating allowable entrant liquid volume is 8 times of the general pump in the same suction volume. This is the difference between the coaxial design liquid ring pump of 2BV2 machine and the traditional design liquid ring pump, which makes it more suitable for the matching of plastic machinery and pharmaceutical machinery.  

Safe, reliable and balanced
When safety and reliability are required in practice, 2BV2 has unparalleled advantages. The series of pumps can be made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, bronze, ceramic, cast iron and ceramic lining. According to the specific process requirements, choose different materials to ensure that the corrosion. In terms of quality, our 2BV2 liquid ring pump is simple and reliable: the stainless steel shaft with both strength and toughness and the optimized lubricant channel ensure that they can operate safely even under extreme load with minimal maintenance.  

Global gm, ample inventory
No matter where you use our 2BV2 liquid ring vacuum pump worldwide, just a few models will cover all the input voltage levels worldwide, which will greatly reduce your inventory costs. 2BV2 is equipped with wide voltage dual-frequency motor (50Hz and 60Hz), protection grade IP55 (temperature grade F), no matter where in the world application, there are always some products can meet the requirements of voltage. 2BV2 also conforms to the international standard and can be used anywhere in the world. ATEX certification is more suitable for flammable and explosive applications. 2BV2 series products are very timely

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Working efficiency: high operating efficiency, smooth performance curve, air volume basically no attenuation at high vacuum degree

Originality: the liquid ring pump is composed of two series of water ring pumps, the original Siemens pump and naismith pump, in 2002. Moreover, Siemens pump and naismith pump are respectively the originators of their own flat disk series and cone series water ring pumps, with a history of more than one hundred years.

Have a number of patents: have a number of patents such as flexible exhaust valve, cavitation protection device, a total of 468

Manufacturing accuracy: from the production of blank parts, parts processing, product assembly to the test of the machine and other links of production testing means are using modern equipment, high precision products, stable performance

After-sales service: as a top international brand product, liquid ring pump is implemented as an agent system, with extensive sales and service outlets, timely service, and a strong guarantee for timely supply of spare parts and technical support.

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