Vacuum pump for power plants

Water ring vacuum pump in power plant of application

Water ring vacuum pump with the most energy saving and the largest air extraction capacity in the power plant: after decades of efforts, it has developed into a design and manufacturing company with the most complete series of liquid ring pump with cone and plane distributor structure forms.

Vacuum pump for power plants

After more than ten years of exploration, summary and improvement, combined with the application experience of most power plant units in China, through unremitting efforts and continuous technological progress, today, we can finally be very proud to provide reliable services for the development of power in China and the world.

In the process of thermal power generation, water ring vacuum pump has the following USES

● condenser vacuum extraction:
● flue gas desulfurization:
● fly ash conveying:
● vacuum water diversion.

Vacuum pump closed cycle unit

Water ring vacuum pump is recommended for vacuum pump of condenser.

The unit specially vacuuming the condenser for the power station has the following characteristics:

◆ the extraction capacity changes synchronously with the condenser back pressure,
◆ compared with two-stage water ring pump or steam jet pump, it can always ensure the best output of the generator set; Shorter starting suction time:
◆ perfect automatic control and protection configuration, reliable structural design, to ensure the normal operation of the condenser;
◆ vacuum pump has self-suction, no need to add booster pump can ensure the internal circulation of working water; Material configuration suitable for high vacuum operation.

Technical advantages of complete set of equipment

◆ the improved water ring vacuum pump is more stable in performance and more reliable in operation. The improved vacuum pump adopts two cone bearings for the axial positioning of the rotor, which overcomes the defect that the traditional vacuum pump adopts a double-guard bearing or a ball bearing for the axial positioning of the rotor and is easy to move. The vacuum pump can be adjusted to the best clearance when it leaves the factory. When the pump is in operation, its performance is very stable in high vacuum, which is very suitable for the power generation industry with strict requirements on operation reliability and service life. (water ring vacuum pump in power plant)

2BE1 bearing structure

◆ adopt the whole process control integral casting 304 material (CF- 8) impeller
The impeller of vacuum pump can be manufactured in the following three forms
1. All welding;
2. Half casting;
3. Integral casting.
Impeller structure

● although the manufacturing cost of the fully welded impeller is low, the surface streamline of the welded parts is inconsistent with the design streamline, which reduces the operating efficiency of the pump at -92-98kpa.
● although the impeller of the split half casting ensures the high vacuum extraction performance, it is difficult to ensure that the welding stress generated during the split half welding is completely eliminated.
● water ring vacuum pump in the complete set of equipment, the whole process control of the whole casting 304 impeller, after many power plants in the same position in the comparative operation, the vacuum pump provided by kenfulai not only reliable operation, but also reduce the condenser back pressure, big dog to improve the power station thermal power unit operation benefits.

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