Roots vacuum pump in flue gas desulfurization

Flue gas desulfurization refers to the removal of sulfur oxides (SO2 and SO3) from flue gas or other industrial waste gas. The commonly used desulfurization technologies include limestone gypsum desulfurization, CFB circulating fluidized bed semi dry desulfurization, magnesium oxide desulfurization, ammonia desulfurization, double alkali desulfurization, etc. Recently, EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have developed a new way to use roots vacuum pump for flue gas desulfurization, which is a large-scale application and effective desulfurization method in the industry. Next, I will analyze the application of Roots vacuum pump in flue gas desulfurization of power plant for your reference.

Roots vacuum pump is a vacuum pump designed by our company according to the needs of desulfurization industry. The wet parts adopt standard two-phase flow hydraulic design and are made of alloy with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can use dynamic seal and mechanical seal at the same time; its unique design enables the mechanical seal to run for a long time without cooling water; its structure is convenient for pipeline layout; it can be coupled with intelligent monitoring system, and can be automatically controlled or integrated with DCS. It is applicable to the slurry produced in the process of conveying slurry or flue gas desulfurization, or corrosive liquid containing hard impurities.

Roots vacuum pump for flue gas desulfurization features :

1. There is no lubricating oil in the pump cavity to achieve a high clean vacuum.

2. The rotor has good geometric symmetry, realizing low noise and long service life.

3. The pump is made of aluminum alloy, which can realize fast heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc., and improve the service life of the pump.

4. It can start quickly and reach vacuum in a short time.

5. Compact structure, light weight and small floor area.


Roots vacuum pump is used for flue gas desulfurization in power plant. Compared with conventional wet scrubbing process, it has the following advantages:

1. Low investment cost;

2. The desulfurization products are dry and mixed with fly ash;

3. There is no need to install demister and reheater;

4. The equipment is not easy to corrode, scale and block.

With the development of industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for energy is also increasing. SO2 in coal-fired flue gas has become the main cause of air pollution. Reducing SO2 pollution has become the top priority of air environment treatment.

Roots vacuum pump for flue gas desulfurization process has been widely used in industry, and it has important practical significance for the treatment of tail gas of various boilers and incinerators. At present, the application of Roots vacuum pump in flue gas desulfurization of power plant is the most effective and widely used technology to control SO2 emission in coal-fired power plant.

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