Rotary vane vacuum pump in nuclear power plant operation

Rotary vane vacuum pump in nuclear power plant operation of application

A nuclear power plant is a facility that converts nuclear energy into electricity through appropriate devices. Today small series mainly to introduce the application of rotary vacuum pump in the main loop system.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in nuclear power plant operation

A nuclear power plant is a large system with a main loop and many auxiliary systems. In the case of the reactor, the primary loop system consists of primary and secondary loop components: reactor, pressure shell, evaporator, steam turbine, condenser and various pumps. Auxiliary systems include purification coolant system, maintenance cooling water system, equipment cooling water system, shutdown cooling water system, safety injection system, emergency core cooling system, safety spray bath system, hydrogen dehydrogenation system, air circulation purification system, and three waste treatment system.

Most of the main loop system of nuclear power plant works in the state of high temperature and high pressure, but also operates in the state of rotary plate vacuum pump, mainly pressure shell interlayer, steam turbine condenser and so on.

1. Pressure shell sandwich
In recent years, the pressure shell adopts interlayer with vacuum pump. The purpose is that the interlayer of rotary vacuum pump can prevent radioactive gas in the pressure shell from leaking out of the shell through the interlayer, and the rotary vacuum pump can be used to extract interlayer gas and send it to hepa filter, so that it can be purified and put into the atmosphere.

2.Steam turbine condensing system
Under the steam turbine of the nuclear power plant there is a huge condenser, which is in a vacuum state. Steam turbines in nuclear power stations are different from thermal power stations in that the steam pressure and temperature of nuclear power stations are lower than that of thermal power stations, so it is easy to form small water droplets. These small water droplets are very harmful to the steam turbine, and the water film on the nozzle wall can be sucked into the condenser when the condenser is in a vacuum pump state. The working condition of the condenser is very bad, and it has many special requirements for the rotary vacuum pump maintenance equipment.

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