rotary vane vacuum pump in plastic suction machine

Recently, many users of suction molding machine have asked us which type of vacuum pump is better for suction molding machine, which vacuum pump is more suitable for suction molding machine and so on. Our EVP vacuum pump manufacturer’s reply is to recommend the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in suction molding machine. For this reason, I will give you a detailed explanation.

The blister machine is a kind of machine that sucks the thermoplastic coiled materials such as PVC, PE, PP, pet, hips and so on into various shapes of high-grade packaging and decoration boxes, frames and other products. Using the vacuum suction produced by the vacuum pump, the thermoplastic plastic sheets such as PVC and pet after heating and softening are molded into vacuum hoods, plastic trays and blisters of various shapes through the mould.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a good application in this respect, which has the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency and energy saving, more than 70% energy saving.

2. The rotary vane vacuum pump uses a 13kg load air compressor head, while it operates under light load in a semi vacuum state, with a theoretical life of 400000 hours (equivalent to 80 years), and no need to change the head within 20 years.

3. No need for large amount of water, save water cost and water pipeline engineering.

4. The rotary vane vacuum pump adopts frequency conversion control to automatically adjust the vacuum degree, provide stable vacuum pressure and reduce production failure.

The rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly used in the molding process of the blister. It uses the suction generated by the vacuum pump to heat and soften the blister material, and clings to the blister abrasives, thus forming products. There are two categories of thick material and thin material according to the thickness of the material.


How to choose vacuum pump for plastic suction machine:

When selecting vacuum pump for plastic suction machine, it is necessary to select vacuum pump according to specific process, mainly referring to the following two main parameters:

1. Vacuum degree: the so-called vacuum degree is a way to express the degree of air thinness, usually expressed in units such as PA, MB, mmHg, etc.

After the molding of the Blister products, the product bubbles are mostly due to the vacuum degree can not meet the requirements, resulting in the product defects. Compared with products with deep grooves, the vacuum requirements are relatively high.

2. Flow: refers to the volume of fluid flowing through the closed pipe or effective section by vacuum pump in unit time, which is usually expressed in m3 / h, L / s, L / min.

Vacuum flow is an important sign to measure suction. When we choose vacuum pump, we should pay attention to the specification and thickness of the product to calculate the amount of air to be removed in an hour or a minute, so as to determine the amount of flow needed.

Compared with this kind of cold mechanical equipment, many users often neglect its maintenance. The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in the blister machine, like other mechanical equipment, needs daily maintenance to better play its performance. We need to pay attention to several problems during maintenance:

1. Vacuum pump oil should be replenished in time. Look at the oil mirror to see the color. If the color is black and thick, it must be replaced.

2. In case of abnormal noise of vacuum pump, it is necessary to stop the pump operation and check the cause of pump noise to prevent the pump cylinder from wearing.

3. The built-in oil mist separator of vacuum pump shall be replaced in time. Generally, it shall be replaced once every 2000 hours to prevent the pump smoke and other phenomena caused by the failure of oil mist separator.

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