Rotary vane vacuum pump in satellite vacuum test

The technology of communication satellite has realized the communication between satellite earth stations or between earth stations and spacecrafts, mainly for communication, mobile communications, broadcasting, maritime communications, tracking and data relay. In this critical and demanding application, communication satellites need not only higher professional skills as support, but also omni-directional supply chain vacuum technology. The rotary vane vacuum pump plays a vital role in its strict development process. Rotary vane vacuum pump can be used in satellite test to help achieve global communication. This paper introduces the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in satellite test.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in satellite vacuum test

Rotary vane vacuum pump over other products of advantages

1. Easy installation and maintenance;
2. The utility model relates to a rotary vane vacuum pump, in which a small amount of water vapor can be inhaled;
3. The final high vacuum rotary vane vacuum pump;
4. The content is forced into the oil, and the lubrication performance is reliable enough;
5. It has automatic anti return double insurance;
6. When the inlet pressure is 1.33 × 10 Pa, it still keeps continuous operation time;
7. No leakage, no fuel injection and no environmental pollution.

At present, the number of communication satellites sent into orbit is increasing. As a moving method, so-called modern spacecraft electric propulsion is used, in which the ionized particles are accelerated at the ion thruster. These engines usually use xenon as fuel, and rotary vane vacuum pumps are a huge challenge because they need to maintain pressure in a high vacuum range, and high-energy ions are emitted at a high flow rate. Xenon pump to provide optimized delivery and simple solutions for electric propulsion systems and mass production testing of these devices.

These spaces can start testing for several months to provide constant performance, which requires the real professional knowledge to play the role of rotary vane pumps. A vacuum turbo molecular pump and a high vacuum are first generated to remove unwanted air. Then, the xenon cryogenic plate that will be frozen will emit light efficiently to the required degree of vacuum.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for application:

Gas type: normally there is no other clean dry air mixture, so that it contains dust and other moisture in the air.
Job requirements: the continuous working time of pressure is greater than 6500Pa, not exceeding three minutes, so as to avoid pump damage caused by injector.

Requirements: when the inlet pressure is less than 1330 PA, it is allowed to operate continuously for a long time.
Ambient temperature: the vacuum pump is usually at a temperature of not less than 5 C and not more than 90% of the relative humidity.
The satellite is widely used in scientific research, weather forecast, ocean, military and aerospace. Around the earth people used by most of today’s communication satellites, communication can be made anywhere on the earth. In fact, more than half of space satellites are communications satellites. In addition, whether people realize this or not, satellite communication has been associated with us in all aspects of daily life. Therefore, the application of vane vacuum pump in satellite test is also very important.

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