Screw vacuum pump in iPad color back shell manufacturing

Do you know the “secret” of these colorful iPad back shells? When it comes to the application of vacuum industry, it’s known as the factory vacuum pumping vacuum handling application. One of the main applications of handling is to produce these colorful iPad shells.
Among them, Mo is the most complex CNC technology, and the products after forming usually appear in a high-end manner.

Screw vacuum pump in iPad color back shell manufacturing

What is CNC?

CNC is commonly known as “CNC machine tool”. The control system has control code, which can process the blank into semi-finished parts by cutting tools.

The back shell is replaced by iPad with CNC technology, and the touch has a certain grain feeling.

The cost of CNC forming technology is higher, because of the incredible precision and precision, all the finished products are refined. At present, CNC forming technology is also used in the production of precision parts in aerospace and racing car industry. This is why high-end tablet products adopt this technology?

In terms of appearance, the products made by this technology are “slim”. The back cover improves the impact of the overall visual feeling. The appearance of the product is more beautiful (of course, it is related to the improvement of picture upgrading), but the surrounding boxes are more round, which is not a “frame” design without flexibility

With the improvement of CNC back shell, CNC has become “beautiful” inside the back shell, and the screw fixing position has become “compact”. The position plane is close to the boundary line, and there is no sudden sense of design. The overall design is greatly improved, which puts forward higher requirements for the vacuum fixture of CNC

Through precise measurement and gas medium analysis, the vacuum technology department independently designed a vacuum solution suitable for CNC processing industry

Use inverter jet screw unit and gas-liquid separator to recover cutting fluid and reuse it

Statistics of energy saving effect after overall transformation

According to the existing theoretical data, the energy-saving efficiency of the whole scheme is analyzed

Total energy saving = {66 (vacuum pump power) 23.9 (cooling device) 22 (2-1.15) (partial suction speed of surplus)} 80000.6 = 521280 yuan
The scheme has good energy-saving effect, has played a protective role on the environment, and has changed the disadvantages of the previous CNC industry. Before replacing the CNC industry, the water pump is preferred, and two forms of air cooling and water cooling are available for customers to choose. Water cooling machine will not produce sewage, can be recycled, not only can save sewage treatment costs, but also eliminate environmental risks!

This is the change of CNC processing technology, we have such a particle texture tablet

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