Semiconductor vacuum pump industry market

2019 China’s semiconductor vacuum pump industry market space forecast, characteristics and competitive pattern analysis

In general, a vacuum pump is a device that improves, creates, and maintains a vacuum in a confined space by various means. In such demanding fields as photovoltaic lithium-ion semiconductor panels, manufacturers often need an extremely clean environment to ensure that their products are not affected by air pollution or disturbance during production. For example, in the production process of semiconductor devices, each semiconductor device contains many layers of various materials. If gas molecules are mixed between these different material layers, the electrical or optical performance of the device will be damaged. Or in the processing of semiconductor devices, it is necessary to irradiate and bombard the material with particles such as electron beam, ion beam and molecular beam. In the atmosphere, gas molecules will collide with these particles, greatly shortening their travel distance, resulting in the majority of particles cannot reach the material surface. Therefore, vacuum pump is a necessary general equipment in the field of photovoltaic lithium battery semiconductor panel, and is widely used in the clean or strict manufacturing processes such as single crystal pull-out, LL, Etching, CVD, ALD, packaging and testing, etc. Higher vacuum requirements put forward higher technical requirements for vacuum equipment.

Semiconductor vacuum pump industry market

Dry screw vacuum pump is the first choice of vacuum equipment in microelectronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, precision machining and other industries.

The semiconductor industry chain is mainly divided into IC design, wafer manufacturing and chip sealing and testing. In general, wafer fabrication can be subdivided into two process steps, the front and the back. The previous process is to process silicon materials into wafers, and load IC design patterns onto wafers through lithography machine exposure and other processes to make integrated circuits. The latter process is to divide the wafer containing integrated circuit into basic units and make the final integrated circuit product after packaging and testing. Semiconductor vacuum pumps can be widely used in clean or strict manufacturing processes such as single crystal pull, LL, Etching, CVD, ALD, packaging and testing, etc. in the wafer manufacturing process. space forecast of semiconductor vacuum pump industry

The global/China mainland/Taiwan vacuum pump market size in the past 20 years has exceeded 150/60/3 billion yuan according to the wafer fab capacity estimation. A 12-inch wafer production line, for example, requires about 2,000 vacuum pumps per 35,000 wafers.

1) the global vacuum pump market is nearly 15 billion yuan; 2019 all chip in carrying capacity (8 inch about 19.56 million/month (12 “about 8.6963 million/month), 2019 new capacity (8 inch about 660000 / month (about 293000 / month) 12 inches, assumes that the stock of vacuum pump according to the replacement of 20% a year, according to a single vacuum pump estimates an average of 150000 yuan, 2019 global vacuum pump market size of about 14.9 billion yuan.

2) the vacuum pump market in mainland China will reach RMB 36/65/8 billion in 2019-21; In 2018 mainland China/Taiwan wafer in carrying capacity (8 inch about 236.1/412.6 ten thousand/month (about 104.9/183.4 of that 12 inch ten thousand/month), 2019 new capacity (8 inch about 390900 / month (about 174000 / month) 12 inches, according to statistics, currently under construction in overall plant capacity total amount to 12 inches of about 926000 / month, according to 42.6/50 20/21 production respectively ten thousand/month, vacuum pump size of the market of mainland China in 2019-21 years for 36/65/8 billion yuan respectively, It grew at an average annual rate of nearly 50%.

3) the market scale of Taiwan vacuum pump in 2018 exceeded 3 billion yuan; In 2018, the production capacity of Taiwan wafers in operation is equivalent to about 4.126,000 pieces/month (equivalent to about 1.834 million pieces/month for 12 inches), and the market size of Taiwan empty pump stock update in 2018 is also about 3.1 billion yuan, excluding the new production capacity.

The vacuum pump market in mainland China will be 36/65/8 billion yuan in 2019-2021

2019 2020 2021
New capacity of 12-inch wafers in mainland China (10,000 wafers/month) 17.4 42.6 50
Number of vacuum pumps per unit capacity (set / 10,000 pieces/month) 571 571 571
Number of vacuum pumps (units) 9943 24343 28571
Vacuum pump unit price (ten thousand yuan) 15 15 15
Market space (100 million yuan) 15 37 43
China’s 12-inch wafer storage capacity (10,000 wafers/month) 122.3 164.9 214.9
Number of vacuum pumps (units / 10,000 pieces/month) 571 571 571
Furnace renewal quantity 13977 18846 24560
Vacuum pump unit price (ten thousand yuan) 15 15 15
Market space (100 million yuan) 21 28 37
Semiconductor market size (100 million yuan) 36 65 80


2. semiconductor vacuum pump industry characteristics

Semiconductor vacuum pumps require high reliability, customization and energy efficiency.

1) Reliability: the vacuum pump used in semiconductor is directly related to the performance and yield of the chip. It has high requirements on product reliability, and the working process requires constant maintenance.

2) Customization: in the field of semiconductor manufacturing, customers’ demands for solutions and products are more customized due to the different working conditions of each production line.

3) Energy efficiency: in the energy consumption of Fab, vacuum products account for 20% of the total energy consumption. Improving energy efficiency can reduce the energy consumption of customers.

3. Competition pattern of semiconductor vacuum pump industry

Semiconductor vacuum pumps are currently dominated by foreign manufacturers, domestic manufacturers account for less than 5% of the market. The global semiconductor vacuum pump field is dominated by European and Japanese enterprises, with domestic manufacturers accounting for less than 5% of the market. The production of dry vacuum pumps requires a high degree of precision machining technology, as well as a sufficient accumulation of research and development on the core component rotor/coating material properties. The current global semiconductor field three companies occupy the main market share by using a vacuum pump, Edward (Ed), Ebara (Ren former manufacturing), Kashiyama (Kashiyama Industry Co., Ltd.). The main manufacturers of dry vacuum pumps in China are hanzhong jingji, shen keyi and EVP. Currently, the market share is relatively low, accounting for less than 5% of the market.

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