Side channel blower for bucket loader conveyor system


For medium distance delivery applications, there is no simpler side channel than a vacuum blower.

The three-stage side channel blower adopts integrated blower and side channel unit, which can produce reliable vacuum power and can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

Simple, quiet compact design allows the pump to be installed in the production hall if required.

Side channel blower for bucket loader conveyor system

The blower produces suction or vacuum at the inlet and positive pressure at the outlet. Connecting to the inlet or outlet allows the user to produce suction or compressed air, as required.

The side passage blower is designed so that the impeller is directly driven by the motor; there is no joint component or mechanical device that may be worn, damaged or need to be maintained.

side passage blower is designed

Side channel blowers produce relatively low pressure compared to rotary blades and reciprocating compressors, but are sufficient for many applications. For greater compression, two-stage and three-stage design side channel blowers can be used.

Side channel blowers produce relatively

Side channel blower installation

The pressure reducing valve is a common protective device of blower. The principle is to change the shaft power of the high-pressure blower motor by reducing (increasing) the pressure of the high-pressure blower according to the corresponding relationship between the shaft power and the motor pressure, so as to effectively protect the motor.

The pressure reducing valve can be used in the direction of positive and negative pressure, i.e. the air inlet and outlet of the blower, and is generally connected with the front end of the vacuum pipe through a tee or other pipes. The pressure relief valve of the blower shall be kept away from volatile grease and gas. When installing the pressure reducing valve, pay attention to the arrow direction on the vacuum pipe and the installation direction of positive pressure and negative pressure. The normal working temperature is 10 ~ 120 ℃. Mainly through rotating the screw of the safety valve to increase or reduce the pressure, so as to realize the natural protection of the blower.

Side channel blower installation

The working principle of the pressure safety valve is that when the pressure of the blower exceeds the set value, or when the pressure fluctuation of the blower exceeds the set value, the pressure safety valve will immediately open in 0.2 seconds to release the excess pressure through the air flow, so it plays the role of protecting the blower.

When the pressure in the blower drops to a safe value, the valve will close slowly and will not cause the second pressure fluctuation of the blower.

The filter of the blower is mainly equipped with a stainless steel filter screen, which is matched with the inlet dust removal protection of the blower. It is mainly installed at the air inlet of the blower and on the ground to prevent sand and other particles from falling. The filter screen of the blower can generally filter the effective dust under 200-400 mesh. Convenient installation, high efficiency and quick cleaning.

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