Small scroll pump

Small scroll pump is EVP company on the basis of absorbing many foreign vacuum pumps, independent innovation (the company has a number of patents) and the development of cost-effective environmental protection vacuum pump, no oil, no water, no maintenance, on behalf of the future development direction of vacuum pump.

Small scroll pump

The small scroll pump comprises a pump shell, a drive shaft having a concentric shaft part and an eccentric shaft part connected with a moving scroll disc. The shaft is arranged to be driven by a motor so that during use the rotation of the shaft transfers the rotational motion of the track to a moving scroll disk relative to the stator disk for pumping fluid between the pump inlet and the pump outlet of the compressor. The scroll disc comprises an opening through which the shaft extends and is connected to the moving scroll disc on the opposite side of the scroll disc opposite to the motor. The high vacuum region is arranged above the moving scroll disc arranged by the scroll disc, and the low vacuum region is roughly arranged above the static scroll disc arranged by the scroll disc. An anti-rotation device without lubricant is arranged in the high vacuum region, a bearing device for preventing rotation of the moving scroll disc and allowing rotation of the track is arranged in the low vacuum region, and a bearing device for supporting rotation of the concentric shaft part and the eccentric shaft part is arranged in the low vacuum region.

Small scroll pump of working principle

Small scroll pump is composed of two involute spiral curve disk, namely a static scroll disk and a dynamic scroll disk. When the moving scroll disc is installed eccentrically, the static scroll disc and the moving scroll disc form a crescent bud cavity. As the scroll rotates, the sprouted chamber rotates inward and compresses until it finally exits the air outlet. With the continuous operation of the scroll, the gas enters the air inlet and exits the air outlet, forming a vacuum.

Small scroll pump of design

Maintenance-free design, labor cost saving environmental protection design, water, oil and energy saving

Multi – working condition design, meet different gas material requirements multi – specification design, meet different flow requirements

High vacuum multiform interface -KF vacuum quick release flange and threaded interface

High – performance coupling shock – proof foot design, can be placed directly on the ground

Small scroll pump of main configuration and materials

Vortex disk Special aluminum alloy
Seals Fluororubber or butadiene rubber
Bearing High quality bearing
Motor High quality motor (or imported brand name motor)

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