Twin lobe blower

Twin lobe roots blower impeller USES involute type line, advanced and reasonable, the whole machine efficiency is high, the material is excellent, the life is long, the noise is low, USES the forced lubrication, the boost pressure is high, the rotor balance precision is high, the vibration is small, the long-term operation is safe and reliable, the main parts USES the numerical control equipment to process, the gear USES the level 5 precision, the product precision is high, the operation is reliable, the chassis, the wallboard USES the split structure, the maintenance is convenient, the structure is compact, the volume is small, the weight is light, the use maintenance is convenient.

Twin lobe blower

Twin-lobe Roots blower of requirements for the installation process

Let us take a look at the requirements for the installation process of a twofold Roots blower. The head of roots blower is an important component as well as a major working part. If there is something wrong with the head of our blower and it cannot work normally, we can stop the purchase according to the reference procedure. Double vane roots blower price tell you just is the consumption of roots blower manufacturer, the nose will be able to purchase custom, requirements in mind, the record before, we need to get the parameters of the fan is good, sent to the factory, manufacturers give us stop selection custom, procurement of cent, also need pay attention to some problems, such as accessories, to ensure that procurement back after the nose, can normal use.

Roots blowers usually operate at a fixed speed using roots blowers and pumps on sewage disposal systems. Then, change the opening of the fan outlet valve to regulate the air volume, or change the opening of the conditioning valve on the pump outlet pipe to regulate the water supply. The larger characteristic of fans and pumps is that the load torque is proportional to the square of the speed, and the axial power is proportional to the cube of the speed.

Thus, if the fixed speed operation of the motor is changed to the speed of the required flow, the motor speed can be saved. In the case of cylindrical fit, due to tight fit, a great deal of pressure is required to gear the shaft.

Usually, the metal sleeve is placed on the end face of the gear, and the double-lobe Roots blower manufacturer hammer the sleeve on the sleeve, or directly hit the end face of the gear with a copper bar to push the gear toward the shaft, while the double-stage Roots blower manufacturer pushes the gear toward the shaft. Lock the top of the gear to the back of the shoulder.

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