Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump

Two-stage water-ring vacuum pump sk-0.4, sk-0.8 and sk-1.5b water-ring pump is used to pump air and other non-corrosive, insoluble in water, not rich in solid particles of gas, in order to form a vacuum in a closed container. Inhaled gas should contain a small amount of liquid.
Double stage water ring vacuum pump is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, food, ceramic printing and dyeing, metallurgy, etc. Because in the process of operation, the contraction of the gas is isothermal, in the suction has corrosive, flammable, explosive gas, not easy to occur risk, so it is more widely used.

Double stage water ring vacuum pump picture details

Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump

Product specification

Model Motorspeed Motor power Max. suction capacity Min. inlet pressure Inlet&outlet port
kw HP m3/h CFM mbar Inch Hg a mm
DLV-120 1450 4.0 5.4 145 85 33 1.0 DN40
1750 5.5 7.4 174 102 33 1.0
DLV-180 1450 5.5 7.4 186 109 33 1.0 DN40
1750 7.5 10.1 223 131 33 1.0
DLV-300 1450 7.5 10.1 283 167 33 1.0 DN50
1750 11.0 14.8 314 185 33 1.0
DLV-350 1450 11.0 14.8 342 201 33 1.0 DN50
1750 15.0 20.1 411 242 33 1.0
DLV-400 1450 15.0 20.1 425 250 33 1.0 DN50
1750 18.5 24.8 475 280 33 1.0
DLV-500 1450 18.5 24.8 501 294 33 1.0 DN65
1750 22 29.7 590 347 33 1.0
DLV600 1450 22 29.7 616 362 33 1.0 DN65
1750 30 40.5 739 434 33 1.0
DLV800 1450 30 40.5 862 507 33 1.0 DN100
1750 37 50 1032 607 33 1.0
DLV1200 1450 37 50 1252 736 33 1.0 DN100
1750 45 60 1407 1407 33 1.0
DLV1600 1450 45 60 1589 935 33 1.0 DN100
1750 75 101 1717 1010 33 1.0


Performance curve

Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump Performance curve
Installation dimensions

Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump Installation dimensions

Used to clarify
Use protection to clarify:
1. Before the vacuum pump is started, check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the rotation direction of the pump. After starting the vacuum pump, adjust the size of the water inlet, and then check whether the packing is pressed properly (the normal pressure of the packing is able to make the water in the pump drip outward), sk-1.5b should first add water to start the vacuum pump, then adjust the size of the water inlet, bearing smooth is normal.
2, vacuum pump in the future, must investigate whether have oscillation, listen inside the pump is noisy, and the determination of the stuffing box and bearing temperature (normal bearing temperature shall not be higher than the ambient temperature 35 ℃, the operating temperature is not higher than 70 ℃) if the temperature is high, should the park view factors.
3. When vacuum pump is used as pump vacuum water diversion, it will suck out all the air in the pump during operation until the water is sucked out of the pump. In the future, the pump will be started.
4, vacuum pump parking sequence
(1) close the gate valve on the intake pipe road
(2) close the gate valve on the water supply pipeline. It is not recommended to stop the pump immediately after the water is cut off. Keep the pump in operation for 1-2 minutes to discharge some operating fluid. Mechanical seal should stop the pump before water.
(3) closed motor.
(4) if parking time exceeds one day, it is necessary to turn over the screw plug at the bottom of the pump cover to drain the water in the pump body.
5, pump in the following conditions, should be added ancillary equipment.
(1) it is necessary for the defendant to remove dust rich in air or gas and install filters on the intake pipe.
(2) when there is a lot of steam in the pumped gas, it is necessary to install a condenser on the intake pipe.
(3) when removing corrosive gases, it is necessary to neutralize them before entering the pump.
(4) is pumped gas temperature above 35 ℃, before entering the pump by condensing equipment is necessary, to ensure that the temperature above 35 ℃.
(5) when there is a lot of liquid in the pumped gas, it is necessary to install a steam separator before the intake pipe.
(6) the starting current of the pump is often several times the rated current of the motor, it is necessary to use the starting switch.
Note: (1) the unit goods with skills to improve and other factors, without notice can be changed.
The unit of goods in the warranty period without the consent of the unit, shall not be disassembled.

Starting and parking:

(1) starting:
It has been necessary to roll the coupling by hand for several weeks in order to prove that there is no jam or damage to the sight through the long parking of the pump in operation.
1. Close gate valve (2) on inlet pipe (FIG. 11).
2. If the discharge pipe is equipped with a gate valve (9), it should also be closed.
3. Fill the stuffing box and gas-water separator with water.
4. When the gas-water separator overflows, start the motor.
5. Fully open the ball valve (7) on the pump feed water line (6) from the gas-water separator.
6. Open gate valve (9) on the exhaust pipe.
7. Open gate valve (2) on the intake pipe.
8. Use the ball valve (7) to adjust the amount of water pumped from the gas-water separator to operate under the required technical conditions to minimize power consumption.
9. Adjust the water supply from the inlet pipe (5) to the gas-water separator to minimize water consumption and ensure that the pump is in accordance with the required technical specifications.
10. Adjust the water feed to the stuffing box to ensure the sealing of the stuffing box with the minimum water consumption, because the vacuum pump in the extreme vacuum operating, because the pump
Physical effect of the explosion, but the power consumption does not increase.
With the progress of power consumption and the explosion, said that the pump has a defect, the pump should be parked at the moment.
(2) parking in order:
1. Close gate valve (2) on inlet pipe (FIG. 11).
2. Close the gate valve on the exhaust pipe (9).
3. Enclosed motor.
4. Stop filling water into the packing and gas-water separator.
5. When the overflow pipe of the air separator stops to overflow water, close the filling pipe to the pump.
6. Tighten the ball valve.
7. If the pump parking, it is necessary to unscrew the pump and gas-water separator on the pipe plug to drain the water.


1. Should be timed pressure packing, such as packing wear and can not ensure the required sealing, should be replaced by a new packing, packing can not be pressed too tight, normal pressure packing allowed to drip water leakage, the amount should not be too much, the use of oil soaked asbestos rope as packing.
2. Often check the ball bearings work and smooth condition.
3. Normal operation of the rolling bearing, the high temperature than the surrounding temperature 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃, the highest do not allow to surpass 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, normal operation of the bearing should be oil loading 3 ~ 4 times a year. Clean the bearing at least once a year and replace all the grease.

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