Vacuum filtration device with oil-free vacuum pump

Vacuum suction filtration device with oil-free vacuum pump of advantages

Vacuum suction filtration device is widely used in various types of laboratories, including microbial limit detection, suspended solids filtration in water, mobile phase filtration, etc. The first package of vacuum suction filtration device consists of two parts: the suction pump and the suction bottle group. At present, the mainstream suction filtration device is mainly equipped with oil-free vacuum pump. However, when choosing which type of vacuum pump to match, users often have many doubts, such as whether the vacuum degree of oil-free vacuum pump is enough, whether the suction filtration speed is too slow, whether the vacuum degree is too high, whether the filter membrane will be cracked, and so on.

Vacuum filtration device with oil-free vacuum pump

The biggest advantage of using oil-free vacuum pump is that it does not need to add pump oil or connect water source when matching with vacuum suction and filtration device. This can effectively avoid sample contamination by pump oil. At the same time, unlike water pump, there is no need to connect water source to avoid reverse suction pollution of filter fluid.

The vacuum degree of oil-free vacuum pump can reach more than 600mmhg (for example, R300 vacuum pump, the vacuum degree is 670mmhg), which can meet the filtration of general aqueous solution or solvent, such as the sterilization and filtration of culture medium, chlorophyll filtration, microbial limit detection, mobile phase filtration, buffer solution impurity removal filtration, etc., without fear of damaging the filter paper. But if for some high solid content or viscous sample filtration, should choose a higher vacuum pump. At this time, it is not recommended to use the oil pump (the advantage of the oil pump is that the vacuum degree is high), because the high vacuum degree of the oil pump may damage the suction bottle or the filter membrane, and the pump oil will also pollute the sample. Vacuum less vacuum pumps with high vacuum (such as R410 laboratory vacuum pump, vacuum degree up to 730mmHg) can be selected. For more impurities or viscous samples, such as water sample collection, suspension filtration, cleanliness detection and filtration, gel filtration, mine laboratory sample detection and filtration, etc.

oil-free vacuum pump

To sum up, as long as the correct model is selected, the oil-free vacuum pump can meet almost all the filtration needs and avoid unnecessary problems.

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