Vacuum pump for oxygen

The function of vacuum pump in oxygen cylinder

We all know that oxygen is a very special industry, there is a risk, inflatable before there can be no impurities, so it is necessary for cylinder vacuum filling oxygen, so the vacuum pump has important role in oxygen bomb, the oxygen tank vacuum in vacuum pump is mainly used in oxygen bomb before filling the cylinder vacuum processing, so that we can completely avoid and combustible gases, oxygen or hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas filling, fundamentally eliminate the safety hidden trouble.

Vacuum pump for oxygen cylinder vacuuming advantages of special :

The method of heating and vacuuming at the same time can greatly improve the vacuum degree and moisture content, thus improving the accuracy of standard gas. By using bus, more than 10 cylinders can be processed at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The process of pretreatment can be monitored at any time by connected vacuum meter, which ensures the safety and efficiency of the pretreatment process.

Generally, 2X rotary plate vacuum pump or water ring vacuum pump can be selected for oxygen cylinder vacuum extraction. Both of these pumps are in use in east China air separation, and the specific situation should be determined according to the customer’s use environment. The water ring vacuum pump for oxygen is described below:

Vacuum pump for oxygen

Water ring vacuum pump selection common sense

The type of the pump is mainly determined by the amount of gas, solid space or exhaust pressure required for work, roots solid air pump pump work, the following two aspects: as far as possible the requirements are within the high efficiency zone, that is, is working in the critical solid space or critical exhaust pressure area.

When preventing working near maximum solid space or maximum exhaust pressure. Working in this area, not only the power is extremely low, but also the work is very variable, difficult to oscillate and music. Regarding the solid empty degree higher solid empty pump, is working in this area, often will also attack cavitation phenomenon, attack that kind of phenomenon is marked with a label is no music and vibration in the pump.

Cavitation will lead to the damage of pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the pump can not work, water ring type solid air pump selection knowledge! Roots vacuum pump, according to the above rope rule, when the need for the solid space or gas pressure is not high, can be poor first when the single stage pump. If the solid space or exhaust pressure is higher, the single-stage pump often can not full foot, perhaps, the pump is required under the condition of high solid space is still no larger gas.

That is, the function curve is relatively flat when the higher solid space, can choose two stage pump. If the requirement of solid cavitation is above -710mmhg, water ring – large air pump or water ring – roots solid air unit can be selected as solid air pumping installation and removal, if only solid air pump, then choose to do with a single pump than force. As a result of the simple pump structure, tolerance system and protection.

The cavitation resistance is good under high solid air condition. If only do a larger volume of compressor use, then choose to do with the pump is suitable. As a result of double do with the pump air capacity, small size, light weight, radial force can achieve active balance, the shaft is not difficult to attack weimi cracking, the use of the pump life is longer.

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