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EVP vacuum technology co., ltd. USES dry vortex vacuum acquisition technology to provide customers with vacuum pump products with high pumping speed and low ultimate pressure. Dry vortex pump has the advantages of no oil, high durability, high reliability and easy maintenance. It is an ideal pre-vacuum product for many applications.

The dry pump is EVP’s latest compact oil-free high performance vacuum pump for a wide range of applications. It is the smallest vortex pump in the world, used for a variety of coarse vacuum applications, the weight of only 9.5Kg, can be easily integrated into a variety of experimental, analysis, production systems. Its 60 l/min pumping speed and 250mTorr (about 33Pa) extreme pressure give it an unrivalled advantage in this class of products.

Dry pump features:
No oil pump, no pollution to the vacuum system
Adopt the seal design of independent motor and bearing
Compact size: 351x181x140mm
Has lower ultimate pressure than the old diaphragm dry pump (diaphragm pump)
No mechanical parts that may cause catastrophic system failure
Low noise, low vibration

Fully sealed dry scroll pump has industry-leading vacuum acquisition performance, compact structure, can be easily integrated with the existing various scientific research, production equipment vacuum system. This type of single-stage vortex pump has a pumping speed of 110 l/min (under the condition of 60Hz power supply), and can obtain a limit vacuum of 50mTorr(about 67Pa). Even if it is used as a crude vacuum equipment alone, it is an ideal choice. Sh-110 vortex pump meets CE, CSA, Semi s2-0200 and other standards.

Dry pump performance characteristics:
Low heating of pump body under working condition
Motor power less than 200 watts, low power consumption
The built-in air outlet valve can effectively reduce the working noise
The position of the air outlet can be moved to better adapt to the space requirements
The high pressure section pumping speed is high, to ensure the rapid entry into the vacuum state
Light weight, equipped with handle, easy to carry
The built-in fault protection isolation valve ensures the safety of the vacuum system
Equipped with automatic air ballast valve to effectively empty water vapor
Maintenance is simple, just regular replacement of the sealing ring

Dry pump is a multi-stage dry vortex pump produced by EVP company for primary vacuum acquisition, with excellent working stability. With high pumping speed, it provides users with clean and oil-free vacuum environment with lower limit vacuum. Years of practical application has proved that the unique patent design has high reliability and durability, product performance is stable, cost-effective is very outstanding.

Dry pump technical features:
Unique professional structure design
The bearing has the function of bearing purging to protect the bearing from being polluted by process gas or dust
High reliability
With automatic air ballast

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Technical parameters

Item Technical Specifications
Model EVP-150 EVP-300 EVP-600 EVP-1000
Nominal capacity 2 L/s 4 L/s 8 L/s 16 L/s
Ultimate pressure ≤ 10Pa ≤ 3Pa ≤ 3Pa ≤ 1Pa
Leak rate 1X10-6 Pa.m3/S (for special gas can reach to 1X10-8Pa.m3/S)
Water vapor treatment capacity (gas ballast open) 5g/day 25g/day 25g/day 25g/day
Motor Data 0.25KW 0.55KW 0.75KW 1.5KW
Rotary speed 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz)
Temperature 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃
Noise <55dB <65dB <65dB <68dB
Noise (gas ballast) <60dB <70dB <70dB <74dB
Gas inlet connecting flange KF25 KF25 KF40 KF40
Gas outlet connecting flange KF16 KF25 KF25 KF40
Dimension(LXWXH) 380X210X270 (mm) 470X270X364 (mm) 490X340X370 (mm) 560X390X420 (mm)
Weight 16Kg 35Kg 44Kg 64Kg

Performance curve

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump performance curve
Installation dimensions

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump installation dimensions

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