Vacuum pump for preparing CO2

Preparation of CO2

The CO2 compressor not only compresses, but also keeps the gas clean. The compressor has no oil at all and is insensitive to the solid particles. The disc of the compressor can ensure that the gap between the rotor and the impeller is large enough to prevent the wear of the disc due to the inhalation of lime / soot and ash when cleaning the CO2 gas. These impurities will not be discharged with the CO2 gas, ensuring the cleanness of the collected CO2 gas.

Here are the precautions for the vacuum pump used to prepare carbon dioxide in the sugar industry:

Liquid ring vacuum pump effect of rotating speed on performance

There are many factors that affect the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump. In addition to human factors, temperature, pipeline and motor speed are also several possibilities that affect its performance. This paper mainly discusses the effect of rotating speed on liquid ring vacuum pump. The performance of the liquid ring vacuum pump produced by Shanghai Feilu is expressed by the following parameters: exhaust pressure, vacuum degree, gas volume, shaft power, effective power and efficiency. Among them, the peripheral speed of the impeller has a very important impact on the performance of the pump. For a running pump, the effect of the peripheral speed on the performance of the pump is essentially the effect of the speed on the performance of the pump. The factors that affect these properties are: impeller size, eccentricity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, water temperature, impeller peripheral speed, air relative humidity and so on.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to run at a deviated speed. When the liquid ring vacuum pump operates at a variable speed relative to the specified speed, it will reduce the critical compression ratio and fail to meet the performance requirements. When the pump operates at a high speed, the shaft power will rise rapidly and the efficiency will decline. It is not only uneconomical, but also if the matching motor with increased capacity is not replaced correspondingly, the motor will burn down and there is a risk of accidents. When the pump operates at a reduced speed, it may cause eddy current in the liquid ring , the working condition is not stable, and even the liquid ring cannot be formed, which makes the pump unable to work.

The limiting vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump is independent of the rotating speed, while the air volume, shaft power and water quantity of make-up water increase with the increasing of rotating speed, but the increasing degree is different, the shaft power increases more, and the water quantity of make-up water increases least.

Liquid ring vacuum pump in production workshop management mode

The normal production of the factory can not be separated from the coordination and distribution of the production workshop. If the coordination is good, the sales volume of products can be increased. The company’s liquid ring vacuum pump workshop makes use of its production conditions to make effective and reasonable arrangements for the production management at ordinary times, and makes reasonable order allocation from the production commissioning, according to the requirements of different orders for the allocation of personnel, the use of each machine tool is reasonably allocated, so that every employee can have work, increase the assessment of workshop management, and pass various management The implementation of the method, the production management of the workshop is very orderly, and the production tasks are often completed in advance to ensure the production and supply of orders.

From the point of view of the management of liquid ring vacuum pump workshop, only the standardized workshop arrangement can reasonably reflect the improvement of the whole production process, arrange the work of each processing part, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, make them more suitable for the management work of the workshop, play an important ability, and make the production work of the workshop in place, which is also to improve the whole workshop A method of workshop management is very beneficial in the whole.

This kind of effective management of liquid ring vacuum pump workshop also brings favorable cooperation to the whole production of the company. No matter which management mechanism is beneficial to the production planning, it is a good management mode. From this point of view, it can improve the management capabilities of the enterprise and constantly provide reliable guarantee for the enterprise.

Vacuum pump for preparing CO2

Vacuum pump for preparing CO2

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