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Canned drinks are becoming more and more common, which have become one of the necessities for people to carry and buy when they travel; According to the filling principle, beverage filling machine can be classified into normal pressure filling, pressure filling and vacuum filling;

Normal pressure filling machine is under atmospheric pressure by liquid self weight filling. This kind of filling machine can be divided into two kinds: regular filling and constant volume filling. It is only suitable for filling liquid with low viscosity and no gas, such as milk, wine, pure water, fruit juice, etc. Take the bottled purified water industry as an example. It should be noted that mineral water from natural springs contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. Iron dissolved in mineral water will oxidize in contact with air, making the taste of mineral water poor. Water needs to remove iron at a pressure of about 50 mbar, but it is the first step is to remove carbonic acid with a vacuum pump, and then re introduce carbonic acid to produce soda water. EVP 2BV series and 2BE1 series water ring vacuum pump are usually used, as shown in the following figure:

Vacuum filling machine is to fill the bottle under the pressure lower than atmospheric pressure; this filling machine has simple structure and high efficiency, and can be applied to a wide range of viscosity of materials, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc. In this kind of application, oil vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump are common, but in the food industry, EVP recommends stainless steel water ring vacuum pump; if the process of strict food safety requirements and high vacuum degree, EVP dry screw vacuum pump is undoubtedly the best choice, which is energy-saving, efficient and environmentally safe. EVP Vacuum pumps pictures as follow:

The pressure filling machine can be divided into two types: one is that the pressure in the liquid storage tank is equal to the pressure in the bottle, and it is filled by the self weight of the liquid into the bottle, which is called equal pressure filling; the other is that the pressure in the storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, and the liquid body flows into the bottle by the pressure difference. This method is often used in high-speed production lines. Pressure filling machine is suitable for filling liquid containing gas, such as beer, soda, champagne, carbonated beverage, soda water, etc.

Beer canning industry can as an example, the application of EVP vacuum pump in the canning industry is introduced as follows:

In the industry, when bottling beer, we should try our best to reduce the residual oxygen content in beer. To this end, breweries, individually or in combination, use the following two methods: rinse the bottles with carbon dioxide and then fill them with beer through a long tube canning machine. In this case, the canning machine tube is inserted into the bottle, the empty bottle is vacuumed, filled with CO2 gas, and then the CO2 in the bottle is pumped out, and then the beer is injected. This method consumes more carbon dioxide. Second one, the air in the bottle should be drained first, and then the carbon dioxide should be used for washing. Because most of the oxygen has been removed, this method greatly reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide. Because of high performance and high quality service, EVP 2be series liquid ring pump and high efficiency DLV series double stage water ring pump have gradually become the brand vacuum pump favored by domestic and foreign beer suppliers

When the working fluid can not completely realize the low temperature pure water, the performance of the vacuum system can be improved as a whole. On the basis of the liquid ring vacuum pump, a sealed roots vacuum pump can solve the vacuum problem under the influence of water quality and water temperature. Generally, when the liquid ring vacuum pump is required to pump to 10 ~ 12kpa, the roots pump can raise the vacuum to 6 ~ 8KPa.

According to EVP’s experience in beer canning industry, the following is the standard design for reference only. Please contact Shanghai Cantor professional team for specific selection:


Production Line EVP liquid ring vacuum pump It is recommended to maintain a high vacuum Motor Power
2M/h 2BV5-131 +ZJP-150 11KW+3KW
2.4M/h 2BV5-161 or DLV500 two stages +ZJP-300 15KW+4KW
4M/h 2BE1-202 or DLV600 two stages +ZJP-600 22KW+7.5KW

(2) Materials: impeller must be SS304, other parts can be cast iron, stainless steel will be better

Some breweries have the phenomenon of over current: because of the materials in the beer industry, if the vacuum pump is used for a long time or is reused after a long-term shutdown, the materials will produce some dry materials in the vacuum pump, which will affect the internal clearance of the vacuum pump, and the decrease of the gap will lead to the increase of the vacuum pump load and cause the over current; If the impeller of the vacuum pump is made of aluminum bronze / common material, it can not be cleaned with alkaline solution. It is recommended to select stainless steel impeller;

3) Sealing and sealing washing methods: due to the bottle explosion phenomenon on site, occasionally glass debris will enter the pump, and most of the shaft sleeve will have glass debris and other impurities. Mechanical seal is necessary (buffer tank and filter screen must be added at the single front end to avoid glass slag particles entering the pump). External flushing is selected to avoid glass slag and other impurities from damaging the seal and shaft sleeve with the flushing fluid;

4) With cavitation protection device

When the bottle is washed with carbon dioxide, the medium will also contain CO2 into the pump. CO2 is an acid gas. The suction vacuum pump and the working fluid dissolve to form acidic liquid. The standard configuration of the filling machine is made of ordinary materials, which has corrosion on the flow passage parts, especially the impeller; Nonstandard system installation: there are many nonstandard places between the filling machine and the vacuum pump, and the suction pipe is too small.

5) If the vacuum pump is required to run for a long time to stop filling, return pipe should be provided to avoid the vacuum pumping limit

6) In order to unify the application standard of beer industry, it is suggested to add absolute pressure display at the inlet of vacuum pump. The vacuum gauge should be filled with oil to prevent vibration and correct the true vacuum meter regularly to avoid the error caused by indication or instrument failure;

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