Vacuum pump in fish oil processing

The vacuum pump for fish oil processing is used to solve the problem that the purity of fish oil produced by the existing fish oil production and processing line is low and the quality of fish oil is low due to many impurities. The application of vacuum pump in fish oil processing is to select the rotary vane vacuum pump unit which is composed of the pump as the main pump and the rotary vane vacuum pump as the front pump in series. It is easy to operate, stable in operation, low in failure rate and high in economic benefit.

The rotary vane pump is selected as the pre-stage pump of the rotary vane vacuum unit, so it overcomes the disadvantage of low pumping rate under a certain pressure when the rotary vane vacuum pump is used, and at the same time, it retains the advantages of the roots vacuum pump, such as rapid operation and relatively large pumping rate. Because of its compact structure, large pumping speed and small floor area, it can replace many mechanical vacuum pumps. Therefore, the rotary vane pump unit is widely used in vacuum smelting, power capacitor, transformer vacuum heat treatment, pre pumping of vacuum coating equipment, electric vacuum semiconductor and other industries to pump out the airtight containers with low oxygen content, non explosive, non corrosive to metal The gas that will not react with the pump oil and will not contain particle dust.

Oil is one of the important components of fish. Fish oil has a wide range of applications, such as health food, medicine, feed industry and so on. In foreign countries, fish oil is widely used as a food additive in bread, ice cream, milk, infant milk powder, yogurt and other foods. Governments all over the world attach great importance to the development of food rich in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), so it is necessary to separate and utilize the fish oil in the oil-water mixture produced in the production process.


However, at present, due to the incomplete separation of oil and water, the purity of fish oil in the fish oil production and processing line is low, and the impurities such as fish bone and fish skin lead to the low quality of fish oil, so the production efficiency of the existing fish oil production and processing line needs to be improved urgently.

The application of vacuum pump in fish oil processing belongs to the technical field of food production and processing equipment, which can improve the quality of fish oil, avoid large amount of impurities such as fish bones and skin remaining in fish oil, resulting in low purity of fish oil, and improve the efficiency of production and processing.

Vacuum unit is widely used in suction air and other non condensable and non corrosive gases, and it is widely used in various vacuum systems that need large pumping speed and need to obtain low and high vacuum. It is also the first choice for coarse vacuum and medium vacuum systems. The vacuum unit has the advantages of oil-free, dry and clean; soaking in the field of low temperature; large pumping speed, which can shorten the exhaust time; excellent corrosion resistance; low noise, low vibration and so on.

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