Vacuum pump in nitrogen replacement device

The previously used nitrogen replacement device can not fully meet the requirements of current GMP standards, nor can it meet the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers on the equipment itself. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a nitrogen replacement device with simple structure, simple process, convenient installation to increase yield of finished products, reduce cross pollution, improve drying rate of equipment and increase production capacity. The application of vacuum pump in nitrogen replacement device should be able to alleviate the current situation.

Nitrogen replacement device is a kind of gas replacement equipment, which is used before using the pipeline or container through which combustible gas passes. The pipeline or container through which combustible gas passes shall use nitrogen replacement device before use. The purpose is to replace the air in the pipeline and avoid the combustible mixture formed by combustible gas and oxygen in the air, which may cause internal combustion or explosion. The nitrogen replacement equipment includes: receiving and accessories of nitrogen bit, receiving of liquefied petroleum gas bit, nitrogen bottle and liquefied petroleum gas tank car. Meanwhile, nitrogen cylinders and liquefied petroleum gas tankers can temporarily gather at the accident site.

Rotary vane vacuum pump overview:

The rotary vane vacuum pump is a two-stage structure. Its working performance is composed of high-pressure stage and low-pressure stage. Its suction port is connected with the vacuum container or vacuum equipment. During operation, a large amount of gas in the container will be inhaled and discharged. When the equipment obtains vacuum, the high-pressure stage exhaust valve plate will be closed, and the gas inhaled by the high-pressure stage will be transferred to the second stage, and then inhaled and discharged through the second stage, so that the vacuum equipment can obtain a certain vacuum. The technical parameters of the pump are 6 × 10-2Pa. According to the user’s use, it can be equipped with a vacuum booster pump, and the rotary vane vacuum pump is a front-end pump. Because the pumping force of the booster pump is strengthened, the front-end pump can be continuously pumped out, which can make your equipment obtain a higher vacuum pump.


Operation method of special rotary vane vacuum pump for nitrogen replacement device

① Operation preparation. First, the accident tank car and the new tank car are grounded to eliminate static electricity. Secondly, connect the nitrogen replacement device.

Specifically: connect the outlet of nitrogen cylinder with the gas phase pipe of accident tank car through the nitrogen pipeline with a diameter of 25mm, and connect the liquid phase pipe of no-load tank car with the liquid phase pipe of accident tank car through the LPG gas pipeline with a diameter of 50mm.

② Start operation. Open the nitrogen cylinder and other relevant valves for replacement. Since pressure gauge, one-way valve and gate are set at the outlet of nitrogen cylinder, it is convenient to replace nitrogen cylinder one by one.

The nitrogen replacement device is used for refitting the testing equipment of natural gas vehicles. The nitrogen replacement device is used to extract air for nitrogen replacement. The vacuum pumping pair is -0.086mpa. After the vacuum is pumped by the rotary vane vacuum pump, the nitrogen is replaced in. The nitrogen pressure is 0.2MPa. The nitrogen replacement device includes the vacuum gauge, nitrogen pressure gauge, high-pressure pipe, four mobile wheels of the base, etc.

The application of vacuum pump in nitrogen replacement device, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer has analyzed it in detail for you, hoping to let you know more about the knowledge of vacuum pump, and why our company recommends using vacuum pump in nitrogen replacement device.

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