Vacuum Pump In Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are often vacuum equipment, such as vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum transport, vacuum sterilization, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging and vacuum emulsification. These devices must be equipped with vacuum pumps.

How to use vacuum pump in pharmaceutical manufacturing process, for example:

Drying (tray, rotating, flipping, cone and freeze dryer)

Drying is a low-cost, relatively low temperature process. By reducing the vacuum, the liquid evaporates from the solid, and the biological or active ingredients will not be destroyed/degraded/oxidized. Dry medical/biological products, remove solvents, water, etc., especially requiring the final vacuum in the drying zone to be less than 1 Torr. After drying, the rest is granular preparations and compressed into tablets. A small amount of residual moisture can extend the shelf life of the product.

Reproduction/reactor drying

The reactor is used in the fine chemical, medical and perfume industries. The vacuum device is used to reduce/control the reaction temperature, remove reactants, reduce costs and control/improve product quality and grab products.

Dry pump technology for many chemical reactions and applications, including medical semi-finished products, neutralization and adsorption chemical reactions, desorption/cracking of hydrocarbons and other chemical products, and compound synthesis.


Distillation is the separation of two or more layers or parts with different temperatures, pressures, compositions and phases. When the distillation column is close to equilibrium, the concentration of each part is different and can be separated from the mixture. The distillation column provides the air pressure to separate different liquid components, and changes the vacuum degree and temperature to separate.

The vacuum system removes non-condensables, water and light hydrocarbons from the system so that the raw materials can be processed through the distillation column to achieve separation. The gas discharged from the top of the distillation tower is condensed, and the liquid is returned to the distillation tower for further separation. Typical applications are fatty acids, single-component glycerol hydrochloric acid, vitamins (A, E), oils, greases, paraffins, insecticides and plasticizers.


Degassing is the removal of gases dissolved/retained in liquids or products. The vacuum device can remove gas from the liquid, improve its physical properties, improve product quality for further processing, and avoid cross-contamination or corrosion.

This is a simple list of uses:

Degas oil to improve purity (hydrocarbon oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, brake fluid, hydraulic brake fluid, etc.).

Degas glue, paste and paint to remove excess gas that may harden or reduce product quality.

Degas the polymer in the extruder to obtain higher product quality or to obtain foam-free parts.

Degas medicine, food and water in boilers.


Crystallization is the evaporation and cooling of a supersaturated liquid to form crystals. These crystals are easy to carry, store and sell. For this application, our vacuum pumps are very suitable for controlling the evaporation/cooling rate in all pressure ranges and reduce production costs by lowering the boiling point of the liquid.

These applications include:

Concentration: distillation, emissions, radioactive waste, black liquor, sugar, sugar beet.

Repair of gold-plated materials and photographic solutions.

Production of ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide.

Crystal sugar, salt, health balls, aniline, urea, calcium sulfate, potassium carbonate, amino acids, penicillin and antibiotics.

Filling and/or material transfer

When pouring milk and paste into the pipe, the air inside must be exhausted. This can be done by using a small liquid ring pump or rotary vane pump on the filler. A vacuum pump is used to add liquid to the storage tank and then discharged through the compressor to transfer the liquid.

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