Vacuum pump in vacuum treatment of power transformer

In the past years of development, China’s electric power construction has developed rapidly with remarkable achievements. Among them, the installed capacity of power generation is growing rapidly, the construction speed of power grid is advancing rapidly, the structure of power supply is constantly optimized, the level of technology and equipment is greatly improved, the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is significant, and the power construction has achieved a leap forward development. This has provided a strong impetus for the steady and rapid development of China’s economy and society, and played an important supporting and safeguarding role in improving people’s lives. Vacuum treatment of power transformer by water ring vacuum pump manufacturer.

The function of transformer is not only to raise the voltage and send the electric energy to the power consumption area, but also to reduce the voltage to all levels of use voltage to meet the needs of power consumption.

The following content is the water ring vacuum pump manufacturers talk about the power transformer vacuum processing related knowledge.

Before oil filling, the purpose of transformer vacuum treatment is to pump out the air in the oil tank and remove the moisture and gas absorbed by the insulation during the sealing process. 35kV and above transformers shall be vacuum treated.

In order to pump out the water vapor and gas in the transformer oil tank, the mechanical vacuum pump with positive displacement oil seal is mainly used. Its working principle is that the volume of the working chamber changes periodically to make the gas move.

Before vacuumizing, all connecting parts must be sealed carefully, and the sealing condition of the transformer must be checked to add oil. When the vacuum pump is working, part of the oil will be discharged into the atmosphere in the form of droplets together with the extracted gas. Therefore, the oil level must be observed during the work, supplemented in time, and the old oil in the vacuum pump must be replaced after a certain period of time. The residual pressure established by the oil tank shall not be greater than the specified value of vacuum pumping, then close the vacuum pipeline, keep it for 1h in this state, and check the tightness.

When vacuumizing, the transformer oil tank shall be connected with the cavity of the suspended on load voltage regulating device and the cavity of the switch by vacuum pipeline. The components that do not need to be vacuumized shall be reliably isolated from the oil tank, so that all parts of the transformer will not be damaged due to the differential pressure in the process of forming vacuum.

Power transformer is the main equipment of power transmission and distribution in power system. The main purpose of power transformer is to reduce the high voltage of power grid to 6000 V (V) or 380 V (V) which can be directly used to supply power to the electrical equipment. In case of overload or short circuit in the transformer, the insulating material or insulating oil will decompose due to high temperature or electric spark, expand and even gasify, which will sharply increase the internal pressure of the transformer, and may cause explosion of the transformer shell, a large amount of insulating oil will spray out and burn, and the oil flow will further expand the fire risk.


Vacuum pump in vacuum treatment of power transformer

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