Vacuum pump used in Printing Application

The printing industry is a huge industry system as well as a long-standing industry system. Since the invention of printing in ancient China, printing technology has stepped into production and life, and has grown and developed step by step, forming a large industry.

rinting industry

Printing machine vacuum pump

In traditional sheet-fed offset printing presses, vacuum pumps and overpressure are always required in paper processing. It is used in paper feeding equipment to separate paper, to transport single sheets of paper to different color gathering equipment or to guide paper through a press. All these applications require different amounts of air to be supplied at different pressures.

The function of vacuum pump in the printing industry In the printing industry, the suction and pressure of the roots vacuum pump are used to separate sheets of paper that have been accumulated for a long time to avoid good adhesion, and automatic high-speed collection and transmission are carried out. The roots vacuum pump is used. The conveying suction force can also hold the paper that has just been processed from the printing press on the roller to slow down its travel speed during transport

roots vacuum pump printing industry

What kind of vacuum pump is good for printing press?

The paper of the printing press can be separated, aligned and distributed by arranging. If there are two or three printers, a vacuum system is recommended.

If you have less than two vacuum pumps, that’s all. Vacuum pumps are usually used in printing presses without oil pumps. The most commonly used ones are dry screw vacuum pumps and oil rotary vane pumps with different processes. Dry pumps consume less materials and are convenient for daily maintenance. If the vacuum system is selected to save energy, it will also reduce the cost of spare parts maintenance in the future. And the vacuum system does not put workshop, summer will not overheat, increase the power of air conditioning, save resources. It will not make noise to the workshop.

dry screw vacuum pumps

oil rotary vane pumps

Vacuum and pressure are widely used in post-press equipment. For example, side-flow blowers are used for folding and cutting machines; vacuum pressure compound pumps and vacuum pumps and compressors are used for page matching and book binding machines; and centrifugal fans are used for cleaning waste paper.

Vacuum pump used in Printing Application

Due to the special properties of paper, vacuum and compressed air are essential features in paper manufacturing and processing.

Application cases of vacuum pumps and compressors

Plate fixation in exposure unit and CTP system

Fixing on printing machine, die cutting machine and screen printing machine

Vacuum fixation

Paper feeding and transportation on flatbed paper printing machine

Crawl & Serving

Unfold and pick out the paper in the paper feeder for further processing of printing and paper products

Create an air cushion on the guide roller to protect the printed product

Powder dust removal for paper separation

Powder dust removal for paper separation

Simplified paper transportation and use on the cutting table

Blow and inject

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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