vacuum Pump vacuum distillation

Roots vacuum pump is the main pump of water ring Roots unit, and water ring pump is the front pump in series. Generally speaking, water ring pump is more advantageous than other vacuum pumps in Roots vacuum unit. This is mainly because it can extract a lot of condensable steam, especially when the mechanical vacuum pump of gas-ballast oil seal has insufficient ability to remove condensable steam, or the solvent used can deteriorate the performance of the pump oil, or when the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution. Obviously, in general, vacuum pumps are devices that improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various means.

What is vacuum distillation

It is usually used to separate substances that are easy to decompose when heated to boiling point at atmospheric pressure, or to combine with other distillation methods (such as steam distillation) to reduce distillation temperature and improve separation efficiency. Separation and purification of metal alcohols and salts. Vacuum distillation is also used for deep purification of some special gases.

Some compounds have very high boiling points. To boil these compounds, it is better to lower the pressure of boiling rather than raise the temperature. Once the pressure drops to the vapor pressure of the compound (at a certain temperature), the compound begins to boil and the distillation proceeds. This technology is called vacuum distillation and is commonly used in laboratories in the form of vacuum carburetors. This technique is useful for compounds whose boiling point exceeds their decomposition temperature at atmospheric pressure, and attempts to boil such compounds at atmospheric pressure will cause them to decompose.

According to the customer’s situation, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer’s technicians will determine the type of suction medium, medium temperature, flow rate and density according to these conditions; determine the technical parameters such as suction pressure, suction volume, inlet temperature, and so on. After these parameters are determined, a more suitable vacuum unit equipment will be selected for the customer in order to play a role in vacuum distillation. The maximum effect of the Circum-Roots Unit.

EVP vacuum pump manufacturer specializes in producing and selling rotary vane vacuum pump, single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, double-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum system and vacuum pump oil and related accessories, providing vacuum pump maintenance solutions.

vacuum Pump vacuum distillation

JZPS Roots-Liquid Ring Vacuum System

Model Main
PumpSpeed Ultimate
Motor Power (Kw)
I II L/S Pa Torr I II
JZPS30-1 ZJP30 SK1.5 30 3×10-2 2.25 0.75 4
JZPS70-1 ZJP70 2SK3 70 3×10-2 2.25 1.1 7.5
JZPS150-1 ZJP150 2SK6 150 3×10-2 2.25 2.2 11
JZPS300-1 ZJP300 SK12 300 3×10-2 2.25 4 22
JZPS600-1 ZJP600 SK25 600 3×10-2 2.5 7.5 45
JZPS70-21 ZJP70 ZJP30 SK1.5 70 100 0.75 1.1 0.75 4
JZPS150-21 ZJP150 ZJP70 2SK3 150 40 0.3 2.2 1.1 7.5
JZPS300-21 ZJP300 ZJP150 2SK6 300 40 0.3 4 2.2 11
JZPS600-21 ZJP600 ZJP300 SK12 600 40 0.3 7.5 4 22
JZPS1200-21 ZJP1200 ZJP600 SK25 1200 40 0.3 11 7.5 45
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