vacuum pumps classification

One of the most common operations in the many industry is the use of vacuum pumps to move liquids or solids from one location or processing step to another. The main parts of pump transportation are pipeline system and vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps are very different in type and principle. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the material to be conveyed. The most common type of vacuum pump is gear pump. No matter what kind of vacuum pump, because the rotor rotates in the pump chamber, resulting in pressure difference, sucking food into the pump chamber and constantly extruding it. Obviously, a closed working chamber must be formed between the gear of this kind of pump and the pump chamber. Although such pumps are also used to transport liquids and slurries, and sometimes to transport materials with small blocks, it is possible to crush materials. Single screw pump may be an ideal device for conveying bulk materials with less crushing. This kind of pump is also called propelling cavity pump. It can form a continuous spiral space between the spiral rotor and the outer wall. When the rotor rotates, it pushes food into the same size space by using the helical inclined plane. Therefore, food such as corn kernels, grapes and even shrimps will not be destroyed.

Whatever type of vacuum pump is chosen, it should be noted that it is easy to disassemble and thoroughly clean up.

Understand the classification of vacuum pumps according to their performance, structure and working principle.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are classified according to their performance characteristics and uses:

1. Low vacuum pump: The vacuum pump whose limit pressure is higher than 1.33Pa belongs to low vacuum pump. Common are reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, jet vacuum pump and adsorption vacuum pump.

2. Medium vacuum pump: The vacuum pump with the limit pressure between 10-2-1.33 PA belongs to the medium vacuum pump. Common are Roots vacuum pump, multi-stage jet vacuum pump and so on.

3. High vacuum pumps: vacuum pumps with limit pressure of 10-6-10-2 PA belong to high vacuum pumps. Various diffusion pumps and molecular pumps belong to high vacuum pumps.

4. Ultra-high vacuum pump: The vacuum pump whose limit pressure is less than 10-6 Pa belongs to the ultra-high vacuum pump. Ultra-high vacuum pumps mainly include ion pumps, cryopumps and so on.

Vacuum pumps are classified according to their structural characteristics:

1. Mechanical Volumetric Vacuum pump: This kind of pump relies on mechanical action to make the working volume of the pump chamber change periodically to achieve the pumping effect. For example, reciprocating vacuum pumps and rotary mechanical pumps belong to this kind of pumps.

2. Jet Vacuum Pump: This kind of pump has no mechanical moving parts. It mainly relies on the high-speed jet through the nozzle to vacuum. These pumps include steam jet pump, air jet pump, water jet pump and various diffusion pumps.

3. Other types of vacuum pumps: most of these pumps belong to the type of pumps for obtaining high vacuum, extremely high vacuum or high purity vacuum pumps, such as adsorption pumps, molecular pumps, ion pumps, condensation pumps, etc.

Vacuum pumps are classified according to their working principles:

This is the basic classification of vacuum pumps. According to different working principles, various vacuum pumps can be divided into reciprocating, rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve, mechanical booster, jet pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump, ion pump, condensation pump, etc.

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