Vacuum system in hydrocarbon cleaning machine

In the situation of increasingly serious environmental problems in China, the use of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is not a bad thing. After all, it is a hydrocarbon with only carbon and hydrogen atoms, and combustion produces only oil and water. Hydrocarbon cleaning machine is the most environmentally friendly cleaning method at present, using solvent as hydrocarbon solvent, it is a non-toxic and harmless environmental cleaning agent, without any harm to human body. The main role of vacuum system in the application of hydrocarbon cleaning machine is the key topic of this paper, and simply analyze what affects the cleaning effect of hydrocarbon cleaning machine.

The special vacuum system of the hydrocarbon cleaning machine adopts the full-automatic condensate recovery device to completely discharge the hydrocarbon solvent condensed in the high vacuum pipeline, which can make the workpiece completely dry after the vapor-phase cleaning; realize the full automation, reduce the labor intensity, facilitate the control, smooth operation and easy maintenance, and the sealing degree can reach the technical requirements of the high vacuum and save the space.

Using the physical change of liquid in vacuum state, the vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machine changes some characteristics of the hydrocarbon cleaning agent and the object to be cleaned, so that the advantages of the hydrocarbon cleaning agent can be better played.

The main functions of vacuum system in hydrocarbon cleaning machine are as follows:

1. Remove the air from the cleaning agent to reduce the ultrasonic attenuation.

2. Remove the air from the surface and pores of the workpiece to improve the cleaning effect.

3. Boiling point, named hydrocarbon cleaner can also achieve gas phase cleaning.

4. By using the effect of vacuum sudden boiling, the drying speed can be increased.

5. Vacuum distillation can regenerate and reuse hydrocarbon cleaning agent.

6. Isolate oxygen and make hydrocarbon cleaning agent lose combustion condition.

The main factors affecting the cleaning effect of the hydrocarbon cleaning machine are as follows:

1. Ultrasonic frequency of equipment. The ultrasonic frequency depends on the workpiece, not the higher the better.

2. Cleaning time of equipment. The best cleaning time is 8 to 10 minutes. If you just put the workpiece in and pull it out, the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you should have enough time to clean the workpiece and not be impatient.

3. Liquid temperature is also one of the influencing factors. The ideal temperature of the best cleaning effect is 70 ℃, and the cleaning speed is fast.

4. Other factors.


There are six advantages of using vacuum system for hydrocarbon cleaning machine:

1. Good cleaning performance.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent and most of lubricating oil, antirust oil and machining oil are non-polar in the oil fraction. According to the principle of similar compatibility, hydrocarbon cleaning agent is better than halogenated hydrocarbon and water-based cleaning agent in cleaning mineral oil.

2. Evaporation loss is small.

The boiling point of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is high, the loss of volatilization is small in the process of use and storage, and the sealing requirements for packages and equipment are very low.

3. Very low toxicity.

According to the toxicological test, the inhaling and releasing toxicity, oral toxicity and skin contact toxicity of hydrocarbon cleaning agent are all ultra-low toxicity, and they are not carcinogens, so the cleaning operators are safer to use.

4. The material has good compatibility.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not contain water, chlorine, sulfur and other corrosive substances, which will not produce corrosion and oxidation to various metal materials. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent belongs to non-polar solvent, which has no dissolving, swelling and embrittlement effect on most plastics and rubbers.

5. It can volatilize completely without residue.

Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a very pure refined solvent, which can be completely volatilized at room temperature and heating state without any residue.

6. Do not damage the environment.

The hydrocarbon cleaning agent can be degraded automatically, and the cleaning waste liquid can be burned in coal-fired or oil fired boilers. The incineration products are mainly CO2 and water, which have no pollution to the air. There is no chlorine in the hydrocarbon cleaning agent, and the destruction coefficient to ozone is zero.


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