Vacuum system of new energy lithium battery industry

The vacuum system in the new energy lithium battery industry adopts fully corrosion-resistant materials and high-performance vacuum pumps to solve the frequent failures of vacuum pumps caused by corrosion in the production of lithium batteries.

Vacuum system of new energy lithium battery industry

1. Vacuum system:

① Stainless steel water ring vacuum pump, single vacuum pump pumping capacity: 280m3/h; Extreme vacuum of vacuum pump: 33mbar
Corrosion resistant roots vacuum pump, single vacuum pump pumping capacity: 550m3/h; Limit vacuum of vacuum pump: 0.5pa

② Vacuum operation and start / stop sequence: start the water ring pump first, and then start the roots vacuum pump when a certain vacuum pressure is reached.

③ Control cabinet: automatic display and monitoring of vacuum degree of vacuum system; Control the vacuum pump to stop the electric box automatically, so that the system has the function of automatically turning on the vacuum pump when the vacuum is lower than the set value, and stopping the operation of the vacuum pump when the vacuum reaches the set vacuum value;

④ Vacuum valve control part, which is composed of vacuum pump inlet valve and inlet valve; At the inlet of the vacuum pump, two of the units are in operation, and the vacuum valve of the other one is shut down; The vacuum block valve at the access port also plays an isolation role; This control valve is provided by the equipment.

2 . Buffer tank:

① The volume is about 1.5m3, which is conducive to vacuum storage,

3. The whole system has PLC automatic control function and touch screen to realize man-machine dialogue function;

Equipment parameters:


Model and specification



Model of vacuum unit



Liquid ring vacuum pump

1 set


Roots vacuum pump

1 set


Electric control panel




1 item


Roots vacuum pump

1 set


Total air intake of the unit



Unit limit suction pressure



Unit exhaust pressure



Motor power


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