Vertical direct coupling claw dry vacuum pump

Vertical direct connected claw type dry vacuum pump adopts four-stage structure, which is suitable for vacuum obtaining environment with pumping speed ≤ 110L / s and limit vacuum ≥ 50pA. It is suitable for various vacuum conditions, and can pump condensable gas, flammable and explosive gas, etc. This series of vacuum pump is vertical structure, using a unique straight air way, the pump cavity flow part is shorter, the liquid discharge is more smooth, easy to achieve while working.

Vertical direct coupling claw dry vacuum pump

Vertical direct claw type dry vacuum pump product introduction:

The vertical direct coupled claw type dry vacuum pump has no lubricating medium and sealing liquid in its overflow part, and can condense and recover condensable gas, which solves the pollution of the container and environment caused by steam jet pump, rotary vane pump and liquid ring pump, so as to ensure the product quality of users, and the recovered items can create significant economic benefits for users. The maintenance free design solves the trouble of other vacuum pump maintenance and saves a lot of maintenance cost for users.

Vertical direct claw type dry vacuum pump features:

·The rotor is suspended in the pump chamber, without any contact friction and without any lubricating oil and organic medium

·Starting under normal pressure, it can be directly discharged into the atmosphere and work independently. It can also form a dry vacuum unit with roots vacuum pump and molecular pump

·Clean and vacuum pumping, no pollution to the container and environment

·It has strong ability to extract condensable gas, and can separate gas from liquid and recover independently

·Due to the change of claw shape, a large amount of liquid can be discharged and the problem that the imported dry pump cannot discharge liquid can be solved

·Self made mechanical seal is adopted to solve the problem of domestic claw pump. The seal is more reliable and the maintenance period is longer

·It can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the process requirements of users, which can save energy more effectively.

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