Water ring vacuum pump extraction technology

Water ring vacuum pump is a vacuum pump used to pump down-hole biogas. It works with air extraction technology and is generally used in the mine. It is made of stainless steel and has a long service life and is resistant to falling. The manufacturer of water ring vacuum pump will introduce the air extraction technology of water ring vacuum pump:

1. Generally speaking, there are no two kinds of very high vacuum systems that will adopt the same combination scheme of vacuum pump, usually according to its special requirements to design and select the vacuum pump.

2. Backflow is defined as any flow of gas or steam from a vacuum pump to the system. The selection of vacuum pump for the system is important to reduce the pressure by providing high pumping speed and reducing the return flow from the vacuum pump to the vacuum chamber.

3. Accidents that are not important in the high vacuum range will destroy the authenticity of the experiments under low pressure. Each type of vacuum pump has its own unique gas and vapor matter which can not be extracted and exists as impurities.

4. In a few minutes, the warm liquid nitrogen cold trap can return the condensed steam to the clean area above the trap, but cooling again will prevent further pollution, but the steam that has spread to the clean area can no longer be removed.

5. Diffusion pump is often used in combination with titanium sublimation well. The combination of pump and well can provide sufficient pumping speed for all gases while minimizing backflow. Low temperature condensate pump and sublimation pump are often used in combination with ion pump, while turbine molecular pump is often supported by sublimator.

6. In order to reduce the degree of pollution, it is necessary to strictly follow the correct air extraction procedures. For the vacuum system, the purpose of reducing the pollution from the pump is the same as any other vacuum system, but the limit pressure and the allowable pollution level in the ultra-high vacuum system are lower.

The water ring vacuum pump is suitable for the mine with small pumping capacity and high negative pressure. We need to maintain and maintain it constantly in the process of using, so as to promote the development of the pumping technology of the water ring vacuum pump equipment and improve the working efficiency.


Water ring vacuum pump extraction technology

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