what is central vacuum system

Vacuum pump is a commonly used packaging equipment in food processing. With the emergence of more and more customized demand, some large-scale food manufacturers have begun to use part or all of the central vacuum supply to replace the single vacuum pump fixed on the packaging machine.

The so-called central vacuum system is: a vacuum pumping unit is composed of one or more vacuum pumps, valves, instruments, air tanks, electric control and other components (among them, vacuum pumps refer to various types of vacuum pumps, which can be selected according to the specific application conditions of users). The unit can carry out vacuum process treatment on several vacuum process points. Such a vacuum pumping unit is the medium Central vacuum system.

The central vacuum system has two elements: first, a centralized vacuum pumping unit, which is usually arranged in a separate space of the production workshop. Second, the vacuum system can draw several vacuum process points at the same time. Usually these vacuum process pumping points are all the vacuum process points throughout the whole production workshop, which are connected with the central vacuum system through the vacuum pipeline. A complete vacuum system can be formed by simply connecting the power supply and pipeline on site. The control system of the central vacuum system is composed of advanced PLC control system after programming. With touch screen as human-machine interface, it realizes the full automatic control of vacuum system, workpiece moving, magnetic control target, process setting and execution, alarm protection system, etc. It is used in electronic industry, semiconductor application, space simulation, scientific research, laboratory, machining and other industries.


central vacuum system working principle :

When the system is started, the main vacuum pump set starts to work until the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank reaches the set upper limit value, the vacuum pump automatically stops running, and the vacuum in the central vacuum system is maintained by the automatic stop of the vacuum check valve on the pipeline. If the vacuum degree in the vacuum tank drops and is lower than the set lower limit value due to work demand, the vacuum pump group will start automatically. Thus, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system can maintain a stable vacuum source and meet the production requirements.

In many vacuum applications, the use of a central vacuum system is far more economical and practical than the use of a single vacuum pump, and has more obvious advantages. There are many such applications, such as: food packaging, vacuum handling, vacuum suction, vacuum dust removal, vacuum clamping, printing industry, lamp manufacturing, lithium battery production, wood processing, etc.

What are the advantages of central vacuum system?

Energy saving: the purpose of energy saving is achieved by reducing the motor power and operating the temperature of the plant.

Improve efficiency: with the reduction of evacuation time and the increase of packaging cycle rate, thus improving productivity.

Reduce downtime: the standby pump ensures uninterrupted production, and maintenance can be carried out simultaneously with production.

Environmental protection: the central vacuum system is installed outside the production workshop, which will not produce noise and pollution caused by vacuum pump.

Reduce maintenance workload and cost: the central vacuum system greatly reduces the number of vacuum pumps needed, requires less maintenance times and makes maintenance easier.

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