What is selection standard of ball valve?

Selection criteria of ball valve:

1. For the main line of oil and natural gas transmission, pipelines to be cleaned and buried underground, ball valves of full-size and all-welded structure shall be selected; For ball valves embedded in the ground, select full-size welded or flanged ball valves; Branch pipe, use flange connection, welding connection, full size or reduced size ball valve.

2, the finished oil pipeline and storage equipment, the choice of flange connection of the ball valve.

ball valves in the product pipeline and storage equipment

3, city gas and natural gas pipeline, the choice of flange connection and internal thread connection of the floating ball valve.

Floating ball valves for city gas and natural gas lines

4, in the metallurgical system of oxygen pipeline system, it is appropriate to choose after strict degreasing treatment, flange connection of the fixed ball valve.

5, low temperature medium pipe system and device, it is appropriate to choose a low temperature ball valve with a valve cover.

6. In the pipeline system of catalytic cracking unit of oil refining unit, the lifting rod ball valve can be selected.

Ball valves in the piping system of the CATALYTIC cracking unit in the refining unit

7, chemical system of acid and alkali and other corrosive media device and pipeline system, it is appropriate to choose austenitic stainless steel, teflon seat sealing ring of all stainless steel ball valve.

8. Metal to metal sealing ball valves can be used in pipeline systems or devices of high-temperature media in metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical installations, and urban heating systems.

9, the need for flow regulation, can choose worm gear worm drive, pneumatic or electric with V-shaped opening of the adjustment ball valve.

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