anti-corrosion vacuum pump selection guide

What factors should we consider when choosing corrosion-resistant vacuum pump? Only considering comprehensively can help us choose the product suitable for ourselves, which is a topic of concern to users. For this reason, let’s introduce this knowledge to you.

1. Material selection of contact material for over flow parts of vacuum pump

For the vacuum pump with self polymerization and corrosives, the flow passage parts are easy to contact with coking and carbon deposition materials, resulting in wear of the flow passage parts. Therefore, the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials should be selected. The flow passage parts of the vacuum pump should be made of 316 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel. It is not suitable for the original pump to be coated with Teflon on the surface of cast iron.

2. Vacuum pump type selection

There are two types of vacuum pumps: vertical and horizontal. For screw vacuum pumps with self polymer system, carbon deposits are formed on the rotor surface due to the coking and carbon deposition of materials after self polymerization. If these carbon deposits cannot be removed in time, it is easy to cause the rotor of vacuum pump to wear, resulting in the damage of vacuum pump. Vertical vacuum pump can remove the solid substances in the pump cavity in time and effectively, so it is easy to remove the solid substances in the pump cavity It is easy to select vertical vacuum pump for polymer vacuum pump.

3. Filter setting before vacuum pump

It is necessary to use filter to remove liquid and solid phase in the medium before vacuum pump. The method of removing liquid phase medium adopts vacuum buffer tank or liquid-liquid separation to remove liquid phase medium, and mesh filter is better for solid impurities.

However, for the process with low vacuum degree, such as ≤ 10KPA, the number of filter mesh is too much. In order to reduce the pressure loss of filter, the volume of filter is large, the cost is high, and the space is large. According to the characteristics of vacuum pump, the number of filter mesh in front of vacuum pump is suitable for 30-40 mesh.


Corrosion resistant vacuum pump advantages:

1. The corrosion-resistant vacuum pump has the functions of condensation, enhanced reaction, evaporation dehydration, crystallization, concentration, filtration, degassing, oxygen supply, vacuum deodorization of oil plant, etc.

2. It has the advantages of no oil, no pollution, high power, low noise, convenience and flexibility, water saving and electricity saving, etc. one machine is multi-purpose.

3. Single meter and multi tube operation, with five air extraction heads, which can be used alone or in parallel.

4. It can directly suck corrosive media, such as flammable and explosive gases, various liquids, granular media, etc.

5. Compared with other types of vacuum pumps, it has a large air extraction low-level complete machine,

6. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, no pollution, stable operation, water saving, electricity saving, oil saving, long service life and low maintenance cost.

7. There are many types of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump for selection.

8. The front panel is equipped with vacuum degree adjustment knob, and the maximum working temperature is 40 degrees.

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