Best vacuum pump application

When it comes to the application of the best vacuum pump, it can be too many, because there are many types of vacuum pump, widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, brick and tile machinery, low-temperature equipment, papermaking machinery, pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, industrial electric furnace, electronic industry, vacuum equipment, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mining and foundation treatment and other fields. Want to know the specific application of various best vacuum pumps. Let’s get to know about it.


The type of water ring vacuum pump is mainly determined by the pumped medium, air volume required for operation, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure.

water ring vacuum pump application:

Application in electric power industry: condenser vacuum pumping, vacuum water absorption, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transmission, turbine sealing pipe exhaust, vacuum exhaust, exhaust geothermal gas.

Application in petrochemical industry: gas recovery, gas recovery, gas pressure rise, enhanced oil recovery, gas collection, crude oil stabilization, vacuum distillation of crude oil, exhaust gas compression, steam recovery / gas pressure rise, filtration / paraffin removal, tail gas recovery, polyester production, PVC production, packaging, recycle gas compression, PSA, production, acetylene and hydrogen, etc. Explosion gas compression, tower top vacuum system in crude oil vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration, vacuum transportation of various materials.

Applications in the manufacturing industry: drying (pallet, rotary, flip, cone and freeze dryer), reproduction / reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization / vaporization, filling and / or material transfer.

Application in pulp and paper production: black liquor evaporation, coarse pulp washing machine, lime mud and filter, sediment filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw material and white water degassing system, mixing box compressor, suction tank, couch roll, suction roll and transfer roll, vacuum press, wool cloth suction tank, blow box.

Application in plastic industry: extruder degassing, setting table (profile), EPS foaming, drying, pneumatic conveying device, vinyl chloride gas extraction and compression.

Application in instruments: steam sterilization, respiratory device, air cushion, protective clothing, dental instrument, central vacuum system.

Application in environmental protection industry: wastewater treatment, biogas compression, vacuum water addition, wastewater purification / activated sludge tank oxidation, fishpond ventilation, waste gas recovery (biogas), biogas recovery (biogas), waste treatment.

Application in food and beverage industry: Salmon cleaner, mineral water degassing, salad oil and fat deodorization, tea and condiment sterilization, sausage and ham production, tobacco products humidification, vacuum evaporator.

Application in the packaging industry: inflate the packaging bag, fill the goods, open the bag by air extraction, transport the packaging materials and products, attach labels and package the goods with glue, lift the cardboard box by vacuum manipulator and assemble it, vacuum packaging and air exchange packaging (map), PET container production, drying of plastic particles, transportation and extrusion of plastic particles Machine degassing, injection molding, film removal and treatment of injection parts, drying of injection parts, blow molding of bottle body, plasma treatment, to set up isolation layer, pneumatic conveying of bottle body, filling and filling, labeling, packaging and molding, recycling.

Application in wood processing industry: keeping and lifting, wood drying, wood preservation, log impregnation.

Application in marine industry: condenser exhaust, central vacuum pumping, marine low-pressure air compressor, turbine seal pipe exhaust.

Application in facility treatment: drying floor, water pipeline anti-corrosion protection, central vacuum cleaning system.

Application in metallurgical industry: steel degassing.

Application in sugar industry: preparation of CO2, filtration of pollutants, application in evaporator and vacuum suction cup.


Dry screw vacuum pump is a kind of suction and exhaust equipment which uses a pair of screws to make synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump shell.

dry screw vacuum pump application :

Screw type dry vacuum pump is widely used in electronic, nuclear, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry and other fields. In semiconductor industry, CVD process is used to produce chips, LCD, etching and plasma.

In the nuclear industry, it is used for nuclear reactor and nuclear industry vacuum obtaining; in the chemical industry, it is used for vacuum distillation and solvent extraction to recover solvent efficiently; in the fatty acid production, it is used to eliminate water pollution and remove the blockage in the ejector; in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to recover pharmaceutical liquid and pharmaceutical intermediates, provide clean and sterile conditions for the production of artificial organs, recover gas disinfectant; in the food industry, it is used for fragrance. Flavor concentrate, food packaging and so on.


Rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump, which is one of the most basic vacuum obtaining equipment in vacuum technology.

rotary vane vacuum pump application:

Its working pressure range is 101325-1.33 × 10-2 (PA), which belongs to low vacuum pump. It can be used alone or as the front pump of other high vacuum pump or ultra-high vacuum pump. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medicine and other production and scientific research departments. Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the basic equipment to pump out gas. It can be used alone, or it can be connected with booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and other ultra-high pumps as the pre-stage pump.

The rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to pump out the gas in a specific sealed container and make the container obtain a certain vacuum. Due to the high development of modern science and technology, the rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in various scientific fields and various enterprises and institutions, and it can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medical treatment, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electrical appliances, electric vacuum, semiconductor, food and raw materials. It is used for scientific research, production and teaching by scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises such as Zineng, textile, etc. And widely used in oil press.

As the rotary vane vacuum pump is made of ferrous metal and is relatively precise, the whole work of the pump is connected, so the rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping out various gases with high oxygen content, toxic, explosive etching of ferrous metal and chemical effect on vacuum oil, nor can it be used as compressor and delivery pump. If there is a pump of air ballast device, certain condensable bodies can be removed.


Slide valve vacuum pump is a kind of oil sealed vacuum pump commonly used in the industrial field. Different from other oil sealed vacuum pumps, its biggest feature is to change the volume of the cavity through the mechanical movement of the slide valve rotor in the pump to achieve a specific pumping mother. Therefore, the slide valve vacuum pump is also a positive displacement pump. Like other oil sealed vacuum pumps, they can also extract general gases or contain a small amount of condensable gases, which are widely used in different fields.

slide valve vacuum pump application:

Widely used in aerospace, aviation, atomic, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, ceramics, smelting, new materials, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating and other industries. The slide valve vacuum unit has remarkable energy-saving effect, high vacuum degree and large air extraction volume in high vacuum area. It can be widely used in the vacuum impregnation and vacuum drying process of transformers, wires and cables, and capacitors in the power industry.

It is an ideal vacuum equipment for vacuum coating, vacuum smelting, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum oil filtration, freeze-drying and aviation simulation test. If the gas containing a small amount of water vapor or dust is aspirated, a filter device shall be installed.


Roots vacuum pump is a kind of variable volume vacuum pump which is equipped with two blade rotors which rotate synchronously in opposite directions. There is a small gap between the rotors, between the rotors and the inner wall of the pump shell, but they do not contact each other.

Roots vacuum pump applications:

Roots vacuum pump has been tested for a long time in petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticide, turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace space simulation and other devices, so it should be vigorously promoted and applied in China.

At the same time, roots vacuum pump is widely used in smelting, degassing and rolling in vacuum metallurgy, as well as vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying in food and pharmaceutical industries. Vacuum pump accessories for vacuum pump noise control, vacuum pump muffler.

The surface of rotor is a complicated curved cylinder, which is difficult to be processed and reviewed. In recent years, roots pump has been developed rapidly at home and abroad. It is widely used in smelting, petrochemical, electrical, electronic and other industries.


Diffusion pump is a kind of secondary pump, which needs mechanical pump. At present, diffusion pump is one of the most extensive and main tools to obtain high vacuum. As the front pump. High vacuum diffusion pump is mainly composed of pump body, cooling cap, nozzle, steam guide pipe, heater and cooler.

Diffusion pump applications:

The working principle of the diffusion pump is similar to that of the steam jet pump. They all use the high-speed steam jet to carry the gas for the purpose of pumping, so the diffusion pump has the similar characteristics with the steam jet pump.

The main difference is that the diffusion pump works in the high vacuum area, and its working pressure range is 10-2 ~ 10-6pa. Diffusion pump is widely used in electronic, chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, petroleum, atomic energy and other industrial sectors.


Molecular pump is a kind of vacuum pump which uses the high-speed rotating rotor to transfer momentum to the gas molecules to obtain the directional speed, so that it is compressed, driven to the exhaust port and then pumped out for the front stage. Because the groove of the simple traction pump is opened on the outer surface of the rotor cylinder or the inner surface of the pump, the momentum transfer of the gas molecules can be made full use of the higher linear speed of the outer circle of the cylinder to improve the pumping effect of the pump.

Because the turbine stage has a large extraction area and a large extraction speed, while the traction stage has a small groove extraction area, at the joint of the two structures, the flow pattern of the gas molecules compressed by the turbine blades suddenly changes, which makes the movement of the gas molecules in the joint from orderly to disordered, to increase the return flow and reduce the extraction capacity.

Molecular pump applications:

Analysis (mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, etc.)

Semiconductors (electronic components, integrated circuits, flexible solar cells, etc.)

Optics / glass (thermal protection, antireflection, reflection, optical filter film)

Coating (surface protection, decorative coating, display, screen)

Vacuum metallurgy (vacuum furnace, vacuum brazing, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloy,)

Leak detection (vacuum system, vehicle tank, air bag

Research experiments (medical MRI, nuclear particle physics, nuclear fusion research, laser applications and many more)

Lamp production industry and related

All in all, the vacuum pump is more and more favored by various industries, and the technology of vacuum pump will also have more and more applications in the new market.

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