Medical negative pressure system

Medical vacuum system with negative pressure

Oil-lubrized rotary vane vacuum pump, side flow fan are selected to cooperate with bacterial filter, buffer tank and fouling tank to provide central vacuum, dental vacuum or waste gas treatment for hospital wards. Through the suction of the vacuum pump unit, the suction system pipe reaches the required negative pressure value, which generates suction in the operating room, emergency room, treatment room and the terminal of each ward, providing medical use.

Medical negative pressure system

Medical negative pressure system product details

International design Standard for medical negative pressure system

1) Medical vacuum: 300mm Hg (40kPa) is required for each terminal.

2) traffic

≤ 3 vacuum pumps: the flow rate of each pump is 100% of the system design flow rate

> 3 vacuum pumps: the flow of each pump is 75% of the system design flow

* The design is to ensure that when a pump stops working, there is still enough vacuum to keep life safe.

3) noise

At a distance of 1 m, the maximum noise level of each vacuum pump shall not exceed:

Motor power (kW)

Noise (dBA)







With the gradual popularization of central oxygen supply system, central suction system has replaced traditional mechanical suction equipment in many hospitals cooperating with our company. The central suction system is widely used and easy to operate. It is mainly used for the diagnosis and treatment of sputum, blood, concentration and other internal pollutants. Not only improve the ward environment, reduce the physical labor of medical staff, but also continuous suction and ready to use, greatly improve the curative effect. The central suction system is suitable for in-patient wards, especially operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency rooms.

Central suction station
The center suction station is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum tank, gas-water separator, electric control cabinet, solenoid valve, pipeline and accessories. The electric control cabinet controls the starting and stopping of the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump stops automatically when the negative pressure in the vacuum tank reaches -500 MMHG. When the negative pressure in the vacuum tank reaches -300 MMHG, the vacuum pump starts itself. The upper and lower pressure of the control pump can be adjusted according to the requirements of the hospital. The vacuum pump can be started and closed automatically or manually.

Attract terminal
The suction station negative pressure is transported to the box terminal, the combination terminal and the tower terminal by pipeline. The terminal is equipped with plug – in self – sealing quick connector and the outlet of the connector is connected with negative pressure bottle. When in use, simply align the negative pressure bottle connector with the quick connector jack and insert it gently. When not in use, as long as the connection part gently from the terminal, negative pressure automatically closed.

Main technical indexes and characteristics
1. The maximum pumping volume is 6m3/min
2. Terminal negative pressure value -300~ -500mmhg (adjustable as required)
3. Hourly leakage rate of the system is less than 1%
4. The vacuum pump can be opened and closed automatically or operated manually
5, the terminal with plug and plug type self-sealing quick connector, easy to operate, reliable. With center of oxygen and appeal system, we also undertake from compressed air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and other central gas supply system and the design of the clean operating room, production, assembly, debugging, and can provide various types of form a complete set of automatic or fixed cranes, filter, the negative pressure, rail, equipment cabinet and other medical equipment. The above systems and equipment have been widely used in many hospitals.

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