Best water ring vacuum pump operation and maintenance

The key point of the best maintenance of water ring vacuum pump is to judge the fault. However, the non professional technical personnel can’t immediately determine the causes of the problems and failures of the vacuum pump, which can only be checked by highly experienced technical personnel. Next, EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturer will give you a list of the best aspects of the daily operation of the water ring vacuum pump maintenance, so that you can increase the maintenance process of the vacuum pump A little understanding, so that everyone can analyze their own equipment.

What is the best routine operation for water ring vacuum pump maintenance?

1. Under the normal use of the vacuum pump, after 2000 hours of operation, the maintenance treatment of the vacuum pump needs to be carried out, mainly checking whether the exhaust valve plate of the vacuum pump is cracked, and the aging degree of the vacuum pump seal. If the aging is very serious, the seal must be replaced. In addition, the parts in the cavity of the vacuum pump shall be cleaned, including the rotating disc, rotor and spring of the vacuum pump, as well as the dirt on the valve disc and exhaust valve seat of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to use gasoline to clean the parts of vacuum pump cavity, and dry them after cleaning. Open fire must be strictly prohibited during operation, and all parts shall be handled with care to avoid damage.

2. During the use of the water ring vacuum pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the ambient temperature of the bearing. The maximum temperature of the bearing shall not exceed 80 ℃, which will greatly reduce the service life of the vacuum pump.

3. During the maintenance of water ring vacuum pump, you can rotate the vacuum pump by hand to check whether it is flexible, and check whether the vacuum pump pipeline and joint are loose.

4. Vacuum pump oil is very important for the vacuum pump. Check the vacuum pump oil frequently. If any sundries or deterioration are found in the vacuum pump oil, replace the oil in time to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

5. Generally, when the vacuum pump pumps clean and dry gas, it is recommended that the vacuum pump work for about 100 hours to change oil once. Of course, the oil change period of the vacuum pump should also be handled according to the actual situation of the vacuum pump. When the oil in the vacuum pump cannot see the black powder, the oil change period can be appropriately extended.

6. It is necessary to adjust the packing gland of the vacuum pump frequently to ensure the normal leakage in the packing chamber of the vacuum pump, and regularly check the wear of the vacuum pump shaft sleeve. If the wear is serious, the new vacuum pump shaft sleeve must be replaced in time.


Attention shall be paid to the maintenance of vacuum pump:

After the vacuum pump (vacuum pump maintenance) has been used continuously for 3-4 months, the oil should be changed. When it is used in the environment with high humidity, the oil change period should be shortened as appropriate. The replaced oil can be cleaned and dehumidified before reuse. The oil change method is as follows: remove the pump from the system, connect it with a clean square plate under the oil drain hole, unscrew the oil filling plug and oil drain plug, drain the dirty oil, start the motor for 4-6 times intermittently, so that all the oil in each vacuum chamber is discharged. Then add 200-300cc clean vacuum pump oil from each extraction pipe, start the motor intermittently, and clean each vacuum chamber again. In this way, after 2 to 3 times of repeated cleaning, drain the cleaning oil, screw on the oil drain plug, add clean vacuum pump oil from the oil filler plug to the center of the window hole, and tighten the oil filler plug to prevent air leakage. It is better to change the oil after the oil temperature rises. It is strictly forbidden to clean the pump with kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc. without disassembly; at ordinary times, it is also necessary to protect the air inlet, check the filter screen, prevent dust and impurities from entering the pump, contaminate the pump oil and damage the vacuum chamber.

In the maintenance of vacuum pump, in addition to the daily operation of vacuum pump maintenance, the following points should also be noted:

1. The manufacturing accuracy of water ring vacuum pump is high, so it is unnecessary to disassemble it if it is not necessary. Of course, maintenance workers should improve their own technical level. When the technical performance of the vacuum pump becomes poor, they should repair it in time. It is better to have regular (one year) maintenance.

2. When the water ring vacuum pump is under maintenance, the pump shall be removed from the vacuum system, and the test pumping shall be started. When it is confirmed that the pump must be removed for repair, the following steps can be followed: remove the shield, remove the V-belt, large belt and exhaust funnel, loosen the gland at each air inlet, drain the oil, remove the box cover and oil seal chamber, take out the main shaft (without removing the chain), and then lift out the left and right bases.

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