How to choose Roots blower

Six aspects should be considered in choosing roots blower

Roots blower is widely used in sewage treatment, industrial processing, aquaculture, gas transmission, biogas engineering, vacuum packaging and other industries. Roots blower is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture. It is suitable for gas transportation and pressurization in low pressure situation.

How to choose Roots blower

When purchasing roots blowers, how to choose them? Here are 6 aspects to consider when purchasing roots blowers

1. Choose the corresponding form
Blowers are generally divided into centrifugal and axial flow. Roots blowers generally adopt axial flow. The outlet pressure is higher than that of centrifugal blowers, and the accuracy is also relatively high. If the industrial requirements are more strict, it is recommended to select roots blower with axial flow mode.

2. Select model according to parameters
Roots blower can be divided into 50g-350g and other different models according to the flow and pressure. You can choose according to the flow and pressure required by your own processing.

3. Select stable motor
Roots blower generally adopts high-quality insulation motor, the maximum power is 250KW, and the temperature resistance grade can reach 180. The large silicon steel sheet adopts high-grade cold-rolled steel, with excellent quality and stable performance.

4. Choose low noise roots blower
The roots blower will vibrate and generate some noise when working, so we need to pay attention to whether the noise reduction of the selected model is in place, and try to select the roots blower with low noise.

5. Installation team experience
Large roots blowers may need to be combined in series. The installation is complex and requires clear installation instructions. When we choose, we’d better choose the type of Roots blower that is easy to install or has clear installation instructions.

6. After sales service guarantee
When we buy roots blower, we should pay attention to the after-sales service, try to choose those manufacturers with better after-sales service, and the after-sales service that can deal with the problems immediately is the best guarantee for us to use the electric climbing car.

Roots blowers are used in the following industries:

Roots blowers are used in the following industries

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