Dry screw vacuum pump catalog

The new dry screw vacuum pump provides you with high performance service. This new product series is designed to meet the special needs of industrial production process and coating application.

Production at home and abroad

1. Since 2004, domestic screw vacuum pump enterprises have begun to study the profile and structure performance. In 2007, when the market of domestic dry screw vacuum pump was basically occupied by foreign manufacturers, domestic companies invested a lot of money to transfer the product into mass production, and won various provincial and national science and technology awards and funds with strong support from the state. LG dry screw vacuum pump has the advantages of higher limit vacuum, lower power consumption, energy saving and maintenance free. It is a new product of oil seal / jet / water ring vacuum pump, which has been widely used in many pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises in China. According to different process conditions, the flow passage parts (rotor, pump body and other parts in contact with gas) have anti-corrosion coating, including nickel phosphorus coating and PTFE coating.

2. Screw type oil-free compression vacuum pump is a kind of dry-type pump specially designed for industrial application (non semiconductor application). It is a new design, which is specially used to solve the difficult vacuum problems in industrial application, such as dust, tar, etc. The pump also adopts variable pitch rotor, which has internal compression process. There is no bearing and seal in the pump cavity, which greatly reduces the failure rate. There is no internal valve in the pump cavity, so it has strong dust and tar resistance. The screw of the pump adopts internal hollow cooling, which can reduce the rotor temperature and thermal deformation, and the screw has long service life.

Screw vacuum pump use

After fine dynamic balance correction, the two screws are supported by bearings and installed in the pump housing. There is a certain gap between the screws. Therefore, when the pump is working, there is no friction between them, the operation is stable, the noise is low, and the working chamber does not need lubricating oil. Therefore, the dry screw pump can pump out the gas occasions with a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, with higher ultimate vacuum and lower power consumption, It has the advantages of energy saving and maintenance free. It is an updated product of oil sealed vacuum pump.

Dry screw vacuum pump catalog

Dry screw vacuum pump catalog

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