Dry screw vacuum pump for yarn steaming machine

The main purpose of the steaming machine is to merge continuous silk threads with weaving conditions, and then terminate the setting after twisting, that is, to stabilize the twist under a certain pressure and temperature to obtain a balanced non-twisted silk thread. The application process of the steaming machine is vacuum-preheating-humidification-heat preservation. Constant temperature-vacuum cooling-the end, the dry screw vacuum pump for vacuuming, the working pressure of the steaming machine: -0.085-0.1MPA, Dry screw vacuum pumps can pump out a certain amount of condensable gas. The yarn steaming machine using dry screw vacuum pump can stop the uniform, precise and gentle steaming of yarn or fabric from low temperature to high temperature. The steaming process is controlled by a microcomputer, and the temperature control is accurate to ±0.5℃ to ensure that the steaming process is in accordance with The budgeted process is accurately reproduced, and the generation of condensed water is avoided to the greatest extent, so that the yarn is uniformly and gently steamed.

Therefore, a dry screw vacuum pump can be used in this process, and it is necessary to choose a suitable dry screw vacuum pump according to the size of the steaming machine and its own time requirements.

Dry screw vacuum pump for yarn steaming machine

How does the dry screw vacuum pump drive

Everyone knows that dry screw vacuum pumps will gradually replace traditional vacuum pumps. Do you understand its transmission characteristics? Let’s share with you today.

When the dry screw vacuum pump is working, the transmission method is very important, so it is recommended that everyone pay more attention to this aspect, and slowly find the most suitable answer. You can notice that the overall pumping speed is directly proportional to the pressure scale, and the two cooperate more and more tacitly in every aspect. This can be noticed from the overall wheel.

The dry screw vacuum pump is very good in the symmetry of the wheels, so this also makes the working process of the equipment very stable, and the overall noise is also very low. In the process of practical equipment use, the inside of the pump cavity does not need any lubricating oil to alter, so the overall vacuum guarantee effect is also very good. The structure of the pump chamber is also very simple. There is no plan for the tightening and exhaust valves, and the various parts can cooperate better. It is still lacking in the practice of pumping hydrogen.

After understanding the transmission method of the dry screw vacuum pump, everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and can reduce operational errors. If you have any questions during the operation, welcome everyone to inquire, we will definitely give you the most satisfaction Replies.

Dry screw vacuum pump

The suction of dry screw vacuum pump becomes smaller?

Dry screw vacuum pumps appear more and more frequently in the eyes of the public, and the application rate is getting higher and higher. Not only the appearance is petite, but also the operation is simple and easy to maintain. They are deeply loved by people. So today I will discuss with you why the suction of the screw vacuum pump will become smaller. ?

The dry screw vacuum pump is a suction and exhaust device that uses a pair of screw rods to rotate synchronously in the pump casing at high speed and reverse rotation. If the suction force is small, the work efficiency will be greatly reduced. The failure or change of the vacuum pump will result in the degradation of the vacuum performance. The performance degradation caused by the failure of the dry screw vacuum pump or the small suction force of the dry screw vacuum pump requires specific problems, which may be caused by seal failure, coating peeling, etc., which cause the gap to increase, which is not caused by the equipment. Due to changes in the working environment, the original vacuum pump has insufficient pumping speed or power and cannot meet the vacuum required by the production. At this time, the dry screw vacuum pump has a small suction force and needs to be replaced with different types of vacuum equipment, because the equipment itself has no problems.

Let me finish it today. If you have any questions about the vacuum pump, please call us, EVP is willing to make progress with you and provide you with high-quality products. Finally, I hope today’s l article will bring you good luck and help.

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