Epoxy Resin Vacuum Pump

What pump is used for epoxy extraction

Supply of epoxy resin bubble with rotary vane vacuum pump epoxy resin bubble with rotary vane vacuum pump price epoxy resin bubble with rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer.

Rotating vane vacuum pump can be used as booster pump, “diffusion pump“, molecular pump and titanium pump.It can be used for vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum pouring, vacuum tube, lamp, thermos bottle, etc.It is also available for medical treatment and laboratories.

Epoxy Resin Vacuum Pump

Correct use and maintenance of rotary blade vacuum pump:

1) Do not breathe air for a long time!You can‘t work without oil.Vacuum valves shall be installed at the connection between the pump system and the vacuum pump.Close the channel before stopping to prevent the vacuum from flowing back into the pumping system!Make sure the pumping system is free of corrosive gases.

2) under normal circumstances, the rotary vane vacuum pump should be repaired after working for 2000 hours to check the aging degree of rubber seals, check whether the exhaust valve disc is cracked, and clean up the dirt deposited on the valve disc and exhaust valve seat.Clean the entire 2X-100 vacuum pump chamber components such as rotors, rotors, springs, etc.Usually gasoline is used for cleaning and drying.After cleaning the rubber parts, dry them with a dry cloth.When cleaning and assembling, be careful to handle, and be careful to scratch.

3) the replacement period of vacuum oil shall be decided by the user according to the actual operating conditions and whether it can meet the performance requirements.A new rotary vane vacuum pump is generally used to remove the clean and dry gas and it is recommended to work for approximately 100 hours of oil change.When black metal powder is not seen in the oil, the replacement period of vacuum oil can be extended appropriately.

4)Do not use other types of oil.Be sure to use professional vacuum oil.Check the oil level regularly. If the oil level is not met, adjust the oil level to meet the requirements.When the rotating blade vacuum pump is working, the oil level in the center of the oil Mark shall prevail.

5)Check whether the rotating vane vacuum pump pipes and joints are loose and leaking.Turn the vacuum pump by hand to see if it is flexible.

6) If possible, clean the pipe to ensure the pipe is clear.

7) After the revolving of the rotary vane vacuum pump, it should be tested, generally no load, idling for 2 hours, and changing the oil twice. Due to the cleaning process, a certain amount of volatile substances will be left in the vacuum pump body, which will be put into normal work after the volatilization.

8) Check oil quality of rotary vane vacuum pump regularly. If emulsification and deterioration of the vacuum oil are found, the vacuum oil should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the rotary vane vacuum pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump maintenance:

1. Remove the rotary vane vacuum pump from the vacuum system, remove the low vacuum end and remove the back end plate, then take the low vacuum rotor and key, and then remove the front plate, remove the vacuum rotor, rotary plate and spring, remove the sight mirror, exhaust valve and exhaust cover, and thoroughly clean all parts with gasoline or alcohol. Attention should be paid to the location, direction and combination tightness of each part during the dismantling, the dismantled parts should be placed separately, not allowed to mix together, wear each other. Check all parts and components to see whether there is any wear or pull, break and other bad phenomenon, according to the situation to repair or replace. Note that the front and rear end plates are found to have a large degree of abrasions, which indicates that the rotor is not perpendicular to the center plate during assembly, and the positioning pin should be adjusted.If it is too serious, it should be repaired or replaced. Check the clearance of rotary vane vacuum pump: put the high rotor into the high vacuum chamber and the low rotor into the low vacuum chamber respectively.Check the clearance with the knife edge and the thickness gauge.The gaps at both ends should be substantially equal.

2. The rotary vane vacuum pump should be cleaned and dried before assembly. The high vacuum end shall be installed first, the spring rotary plate shall be lifted into the high rotor, and then put into the high vacuum chamber.Then install the low vacuum rotor and the back cover. The groove of the low rotating part should be on the side of the back plate.Then install the exhaust valve, install the exhaust valve plate, and install other components.

3.Three. Attention should be paid to the assembly of rotary vane vacuum pump.Vacuum oil shall be applied to the rotating part first to ensure cleanliness. After the final assembly, add oil from the inlet nozzle and the refueling hole, and fill the 2X-100 vacuum pump with oil at the horizontal line of the sight mirror, and then test run.

The main characteristics of rotating blade vacuum pump:

1. Equipped with compulsory lubricating oil, full lubrication, reliable performance;
2. Double safety device, automatic oil withdrawal;
3. When the inlet pressure is 1.33 × 10pa, the rotating blade vacuum pump can continue to work;
4. An air pressure cabin valve is provided to remove a small amount of water vapor;
5. Rotary vane vacuum pump does not leak oil, inject oil or pollute the working environment.The exhaust device is specially equipped with an oil mist collector;
6. High limit vacuum.

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