explosion proof water ring chemical vacuum pump

Reliable explosion-proof water ring chemical vacuum pump provided by EVP water ring vacuum pump manufacturer, with single-stage explosion-proof water ring vacuum pump or two-stage explosion-proof water ring vacuum pump version. Their powerful technology enables them to be used in all industrial fields and widely used.

Different versions of ATEX are designed according to the EU directive 2014 / 34 / EU on explosive atmospheres to make it suitable for transport of explosive gases and vapors or operation in explosive hazardous areas. Each model has different ATEX certification, which can perfectly meet any requirements.

As a new generation of energy-saving products, the explosion-proof water ring chemical vacuum pump will replace the same energy water ring vacuum pump with excellent performance and many advantages.

Compared with the same type of domestic water ring vacuum pump, it has the following characteristics:

1. The coaxial direct connection design of the pump saves space and is easy to install.

2. All adopt imported mechanical seals as standard configuration.

3. All explosion-proof water ring chemical vacuum pumps are equipped with cavitation protection pipe interface. If they work under the limit pressure, opening the cavitation protection pipe interface (or connecting with the separator) can eliminate the cavitation sound and protect the vacuum pump under the condition that the suction effect is limited.

4. The aluminum bronze impeller has high strength and durability, and improves the corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump. If the flow passage parts are made of stainless steel, they can work in more severe environment.

5. The unique flexible exhaust port design will not produce over compression, ensuring the efficiency of the vacuum pump within its performance range.

5. Y2 series motors are adopted, with protection grade of IP54 and IP55 (IP44 in general)

6. All adopt NTN or NSK imported bearings


Main application fields of explosion-proof water ring chemical vacuum pump

Vacuum filtration

(chemical filter plant, chemical processing plant, iron ore plant, mining industry, phosphate fertilizer plant, paper mill, poultry processing plant, coal preparation plant)

Steam recovery (distiller, loading and unloading station)

Water pump diversion (water plant)

Make up water of condenser water tank (power station)

Vacuum distillation (milk factory, food factory, chemical factory, pulp factory) drying (chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry)

Vacuum disinfection (hospital, infirmary, laboratory) wood treatment / drying

Extrusion (Plastics Industry) pharmaceutical / laboratory vacuum

Solvent recovery for molding (plastic, polyethylene, rubber, tire and other manufacturing industries)


(food processing, wood processing, textile factory, plywood factory, electric pole manufacturing, etc.) soil purification

Vacuum packing

Liquid degassing (food processing, water softening, bottler) extraction

Compressed air regeneration (pulp, steel, automobile, glass, chemical industry) leather making

Food processing (food processing plant, milk plant) can

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