Food packaging pump

Food packaging equipment

Food packaging equipment mainly includes food packaging, vacuum pump and so on.

Modern food industry mostly USES mechanical packaging, so food packaging is the necessary equipment for food production. Adopting food packaging equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve the quality and qualified rate of food packaging, because the use of food packaging equipment production can ensure the sanitary conditions of food production process, all the use of food packaging equipment production is an inevitable trend.

Food pillow packing machine

There are many kinds of food packing machine, the main difference lies in the operation mode, packing form and filling system. At present, the commonly used food packaging machine, food vacuum packaging machine, thermal shrinkage packaging machine.

Advantages of using food packing machine: 1. The use of food packing machine reduces the labor intensity of workers and simplifies the task.

2. It can guarantee the quality of products and the sanitary conditions in the workplace.

3. Filling, subpacking, sealing and packaging of food packaging machine products, so the packaging process is simple and fast.

4. The production efficiency of packing food package is much higher than that of manual production, thus saving costs.

Below are pumps suitable for food packaging.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumpdry screw vacuum pump

Principle of food vacuum packing machine with pump

After the main pump is selected, the main problem is how to select the right front pump (except for the pumping unit that does not need the front pump). The principle of selecting front stage pump is as follows.

1. The pre-vacuum condition required by the front-stage pump for the main pump operation is required.

2. Under the maximum exhaust pressure allowed by the main pump (if the main pump is a diffusion pump, it means the maximum pressure withstand of the front stage of the diffusion pump — back pressure), the front stage pump must be able to exhaust the maximum gas discharged by the main pump in time.

In the selection of the front stage pump, the test should pay attention to the mechanical pump pumping speed is measured under atmospheric pressure, but the normal use of the pump is operating under the condition of atmospheric pressure, so that the pump pumping speed decreased, so we must choose the pump according to the pumping speed curve. If there is no pumping curve, please refer to the empirical formula.

For oil booster pump and oil diffusion pump of the front pump, in addition to the above principles equipped with the front pump, can also be recommended according to the national standards of the front pump model.

3. The front stage pump, which also serves as the pre-pumping pump, shall meet the requirements of pre-pumping time and pre-pumping vacuum degree.

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