Food vacuum package blower

Food factories use Roots blower in food vacuum packaging system. Now vacuum packaging is popular with people because of its advantages of fresh, clean, ready-to-eat and so on. Roots blower is also more and more applied to vacuum packaging processing, which is another effort of the food packaging industry.
Roots blower can be said to be a universal machine, and now roots blower can be used in many industries in society. Why do the food industry use small roots blowers?

What is the use of small roots blowers?

Because the food industry in the production process will appear some debris or dust, if there is a Roots blower, these foods can be filtered out of useless debris, now more and more industries use Roots blower,
When Roots blower is issued, many enterprises solve the problem of impurities or dust.
Vacuum packaging system of Roots blower in food industry, which is applied in food packaging such as millet and beans, is a significant creative application in food industry packaging.
The anti-mechanical pressure of vacuum packaging reduces the shock and is conducive to long-distance transportation and sales.

product details

Food vacuum package blower

Roots blower characteristics in food industry:

Reasonable structure, small volume, high boost pressure, high efficiency, large air volume, low noise, smooth operation, excellent performance, long service life, simple repair, etc.

Roots blower application in food industry:

Widely used in sewage treatment, aquaculture, sewage treatment, desulfurization and denitrification, pneumatic conveying, vacuum packaging, coal washing, combustion support, pressurization, casting, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, power, flour, sand blasting, vacuum, etc.

Roots blower accessories for food industry:

General base, belt cover, fan pulley, motor pulley, V-belt, import and export muffler, safety valve, pressure gauge, anchor bolt
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