Maintenance of Roots vacuum pump unit

Roots Pump-Water ring pump unit is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in chemical industry; freeze drying in food industry; vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; polyester chips in light textile industry; high altitude simulation test and other vacuum systems.

Roots Vacuum Pump Unit has a very big development prospect in our country, with the development of industry is increasing demand, but such a large workload of use, for the equipment itself, if not timely maintenance and maintenance, for our future use is very unfavorable, for quality will also have a certain harm. Therefore, we must do a good job in the corresponding work. Next we will know the maintenance of it.

Roots-Liquid Ring Vacuum System

Maintenance steps of Roots vacuum pump unit:

1. Roots Vacuum Pump Unit is very hot, this is because we choose the front pump pumping speed is not enough, resulting in excessive compression ratio high inlet pressure, poor cooling, gear box lubricant is too high, rotor and pump shell contact, gear, bearing, oil seal lubrication is not good. The solution is not difficult, as long as we re-select the front pump, adjust, control the inlet pressure, smooth cooling, adjust the amount of oil, repair, to ensure that the amount of oil appropriate, good lubrication;

2. In Roots Vacuum Pump Unit operation instability, excessive noise, low efficiency and so on, these problems are actually related to our own maintenance, the first work instability, because of voltage, improper assembly and other reasons. Too much noise is caused by smooth installation or insufficient lubrication, so try to lubricate the machine.

3. Sometimes the pipeline conductivity of Roots vacuum pump unit is not enough, the pumping speed of the front-stage pump decreases, the relief valve leaks, resulting in insufficient pumping speed and so on. The absolute solution is to increase the pipeline conductivity, repair or replace the front-stage pump, and clean up the relief valve.

The use and maintenance of Roots Vacuum Pump Unit still depends on the actual method. If there are problems in the equipment, we should analyze and judge according to the actual situation. We can’t make a final conclusion. If we pay more attention to the daily life, we will avoid many problems.


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