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Equipment is the basis of production, so whether it can be used normally and efficiently is directly related to whether production can be carried out efficiently, which requires us to standardize operation in use, and daily maintenance can not be ignored, but the premise is to select a truly suitable equipment, and there are many types of liquid ring vacuum pump, each suitable. Used in different places, in order to facilitate your choice, the following Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers for you to introduce 2BE type liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BV type liquid ring vacuum pump, SK type liquid ring vacuum pump and 2SK type liquid ring vacuum pump for your choice, friends in need can refer to:

2BE Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The 2BE liquid ring vacuum pump is suitable for pumping gas and water vapor. The suction pressure can reach 33 mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum degree). When transformer oil is used as working fluid (called oil ring vacuum pump), the suction pressure can reach 6.7 mbar absolute pressure (99.3% vacuum degree), which can completely replace the reciprocating type.

2BV Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

This equipment is an energy-saving product with high efficiency. It is usually used for suction of gases without solid particles, insoluble in water and non-corrosive in order to form vacuum and pressure in sealed containers.

SK type liquid ring vacuum pump

This type is used to suck or press air and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, solid-free gases in order to form vacuum and pressure in sealed containers to meet the process requirements. Inhaled or pressurized gases are allowed to be mixed with a small amount of liquid. Because the compression process of gas is isothermal in the working process, it is not easy to cause danger when compressing and sucking explosive gas, so it is more widely used. The working vacuum range is – 0.03 – 0.08MPa.

2SK liquid ring vacuum pump

This series is equivalent to two SK Series in series. Since SK series can only reach the ultimate vacuum of – 700 mmHg, 2SK series has been developed to achieve higher vacuum and higher pumping rate under high vacuum.


In fact, the realization of process flow is often related to the adaptability of equipment. Therefore, it is an important prerequisite to select a suitable type of liquid ring vacuum pump that meets the design requirements to complete the production task and obtain good benefits. The following Mexico supplier of liquid ring vacuum pump summarizes the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump for you. Points:

1. The working pressure should meet the requirement of the limit vacuum and working pressure of the equipment.

2. Choose the working point of the equipment correctly. Each pump has a certain range of working pressure.

3. Under its working pressure, the equipment should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process.

4. Correct combination. Because the equipment has selective air pumping, sometimes the selection of one equipment can not meet the requirements of air pumping, and several combinations are needed to complement each other to meet the requirements of air pumping.

5. Understand the requirement of water ring vacuum pump for oil pollution. If the equipment is strictly oil-free, we should choose all kinds of oil-free types; if the requirements are not strict, we can choose oil, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as refrigeration trap, baffle, oil trap, etc., can also meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

6. Understand the composition of the exhausted gas. The gas contains no condensable vapor, particulate dust, corrosion and so on. Select the appropriate pump for the exhausted gas. If the gas contains vapor, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment such as condenser, dust collector in the intake pipeline of the pump.

7. How does the oil vapor discharged from the equipment affect the environment? If the environment is not allowed to be polluted, oil-free ones can be chosen, or oil vapor can be discharged outdoors.

8. Whether the vibration caused by the working equipment has an impact on the process and environment. If the process is not allowed, vibration-free pumps or anti-vibration measures should be selected.

Above is Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump supplier for you summarized the main points of the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump, in addition, according to the actual situation, we also need to consider equipment operation and maintenance costs, and finally choose a suitable equipment.

Through the introduction of various categories of liquid ring vacuum pumps given by Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers, we can understand the characteristics and application of each category, which is helpful to the subsequent purchase. Only by choosing appropriate equipment can we give full play to its performance advantages and improve production efficiency.

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