Multistage centrifugal blower

Multi-stage centrifugal blower product introduction

The large-flow fan casing and the reflow device adopt the overall welding horizontal split structure, which is light in weight and simple in structure. In terms of weight, it is only 1/3~1/2 of the old domestic products; the small-flow fan uses a cast casing , Vertical part series structure. The fan impeller adopts a cast aluminum alloy structure. After strict dynamic balance, the vibration is small, the reliability is high, the noise of the whole machine is low, and the life is long; the flow adjustment is simple, the performance curve is flat, the stable working condition range is wide, and the flow adjustment range is large. Various working conditions.

Multistage centrifugal blower

Multistage centrifugal blower of features

1.Design of the impeller profile is advanced, and efficiency of the fan is over 80%;

2.The large-flow fan casing and the reflux unit adopt the overall welding horizontal split structure, which is light in weight and simple in structure. In terms of weight, it is only 1/3~1/2 of the old domestic products;

The low-flow fan adopts a cast casing, and the vertical part is connected in series. The fan impeller adopts a cast aluminum alloy structure, which has low vibration after strict dynamic balance, high reliability, low noise and long life;

3.Simple flow adjustment, flat performance curve, wide range of stable working conditions, large flow adjustment range, suitable for various working conditions.

4.The rotor GD² is small, and the general squirrel cage motor can meet the requirements and is easy to start

5.Low noise, low vibration, light weight of the rotor, high balance precision, and therefore low vibration. Because the noise emitted by the fan is high-frequency noise, it is easy to muffle the noise

6.Small size, light weight, convenient installation, small footprint

7.Easy maintenance, no sliding parts

8.High reliability, full and flexible use of patented technology accumulated over many years of practice, good operating characteristics and high reliability.

Multi-stage centrifugal blower application

Multi-stage centrifugal blower application

1.Chemistry, petroleum

Ironmaking device used as air source

Used for raw material air source, combustion treatment, chemical reaction, converter air supply, sulfur recovery equipment, titanic acid equipment, maleic acid, acrylic acid equipment, carbon black production equipment, etc.

2.For various gas suction and pressure delivery

Used for process gas circulation-CO2 gas, NH3 gas, waste gas, natural gas, Cl2 gas, coke oven gas, coal mine coal preparation jig machine, etc.

3.For food and medicine manufacturing

It can be used for reaction, fermentation, raw material air transportation, waste gas and wastewater treatment.

4.For public utilities

Used for aeration of urban sewage. Urban gas transportation, train power generation, exhaust gas, denitration pressure gas, caisson pressure gas, tunnel engineering gas, soil and sand transportation, etc.

5.For various tasks

Used for air curtain, air knife, drying, etc.

Multi-stage centrifugal blowers for ordering instructions

1.Anchor bolts, couplings and protective covers supporting the host

2.Our company also provides motors, electric control cabinets, elbows, elastic joints, import and export silencers, shared bases, filters, one-way valves, safety valves, regulating valves, soundproof covers and other accessories, if the user needs Please place an order separately

3.If users have special requirements, please contact our company’s technical department.

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