The advantage of water ring vacuum pump system and installation use

Liquid ring vacuum system is chosen as the backing pump , water ring vacuum pump have more advantages than other vacuum pumps , water ring vacuum pump in the vacuum unit is required to prepare the action of vacuum, single stage water ring pump ultimate vacuum is not high, adopt two stage water ring pump, also can spread ultimate vacuum of the unit, it overcomes the single stage water ring pump when using the limit pressure difference, the disadvantage of low extraction rate under certain pressure, while retaining the pump can work quickly, has the advantages of larger extraction rate.Especially can adapt to pumping large amounts of condensable vapor, especially when the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump oil seal steam out of condensable sex ability is not enough, or the use of solvent can make pump oil deterioration and impact performance, or the vacuum system is more obvious when not allowed under the oil pollution.

If you use the high vacuum vacuum pumps can make the gas may not be straight row of the atmosphere, such as straight line of the atmosphere will cause the roots vacuum pump intake and exhaust pressure difference is too big, so that make the roots vacuum pump overload, if blindly increasing vacuum pump motor and power would cause overheating caused roots vacuum pump vacuum pump spinor quickly narrow space between the stuck due to thermal contraction.To ensure vacuum pump can achieve higher vacuum must be security clearance between the spinor vacuum pump.And vacuum pump must be equipped with backing pump, in the application before using the pump will be pressure to coupled to scale inside pieces to start the vacuum pump, so it can prevent vacuum pump overload.

Backing pump can choose water (liquid) ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pump, vacuum pump back and forth, straight row of atmospheric vacuum pump.

Vacuum unit under normal conditions, water ring pump chosen as the backing pump more unprofitable than other vacuum pump, it is important because it can draw in addition to a large number of condensable vapor, especially when the town gas mechanical vacuum pump oil seal to eliminate condensation can be steam power is not enough, or the use of solvent can make the pump oil improvement and superficial performance, or the vacuum pieces do not allow the timing of the oil purifier is more obviously.

One set vacuum pump vacuum degree is low, especially when combined with water ring pump operation, using constrained scale, limiting vacuum of the entire unit may be lower, but if use two roots pump series and water ring pump combination, can greatly popularize ultimate vacuum of the unit.

Vacuum unit when equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances and comply with the relevant safety rules, can also be pumping flammable and explosive gases.So – water ring pump unit is widely used in the chemical industry in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation and crystallization dehydration;The freeze drying in food industry;Pharmaceutical industry of vacuum distillation and dry;Textile industrial polyester slice;Such as simulated altitude test of time in the system.

Water ring vacuum unit before install and use, must be carefully check whether each part fasteners loose, it any place loose must be corrected on tight.Before start must be filled with water, open the pump inlet valve, dehydration idling and inversion, are strictly prohibited to prevent damage to the machine and liquid ring vacuum pump. before  stop working must make sure the vacuum dropped to below 0.092 Mpa, then stop in case of high vacuum degree, damaged non-return valve breath, (such as check valve malfunction, please open the check valve cover and removing debris).Soda vacuum unit series jet pump, open the first and then open the steam, when stop off steam first, and then shut down to prevent damage to the water injection pump.When installing a steam pipe, guarantee not water in the pipeline, must keep level, otherwise will affect the degree of vacuum.Pool circulation water temperature is too high, will affect displacement and vacuum degree, need to replace or supplement water in time.

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