oil free scroll vacuum pump selection

Compared with the present, scroll vacuum pump has a long history. The definition of vortex technology has appeared in the beginning of last century. However, due to the technical conditions can not meet the needs of production, it was not really produced until the 1970s, and this technology has been well developed since then. The oil-free scroll vacuum pump has good stability, reliable performance and low noise. It is clean and environmental protection under the condition of energy saving. Because of these characteristics of high effectiveness and practicability, it is quickly loved by various manufacturers and put into practical application.

With the development of science and technology, vortex technology has been extended from the first compression equipment industry to the vacuum pump industry. The oil-free scroll vacuum pump has the advantages of dry type, oil-free, stable performance, low noise pollution, more energy saving and environmental protection. It is a successful vacuum obtaining technology.

At present, science and technology drive product innovation. The performance of oil-free scroll vacuum pump is greatly improved and loved by many industries. However, when purchasing oil-free scroll vacuum pump, you can’t choose the manufacturer at will. What should you pay attention to when purchasing oil-free scroll vacuum pump? The operating pressure of the oil-free scroll vacuum pump should meet the requirements of the limiting vacuum and operating pressure of the vacuum equipment. For example, a vacuum drying process requires a working vacuum of 10mmhg, and the limit vacuum of the selected oil-free scroll vacuum pump is at least 2mmhg


Generally, the limiting vacuum degree of the selected pump is 0.5 to 1 order of magnitude higher than that of the vacuum equipment. Correctly select the operation point of oil-free scroll vacuum pump. Each kind of pump has a fixed operating pressure scale, such as: oil-free vacuum pump operating pressure scale 760mmhg ~ 25mmhg (absolute pressure). In such a wide pressure scale, the pumping speed of the pump changes with the pressure, and its safe operating pressure scale is

Therefore, the pump operation point should be selected within this scale, rather than allow it to operate for a long time under 25 ~ 30mmhg. Compared with the oil pump, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump has the advantages of low vacuum degree, small volume, simple installation, simple maintenance, convenient movement, no pollution to the environment and no oil smoke, especially in the laboratory with higher requirements. It is also one of the regular equipment in the laboratory.

Therefore, when choosing oil-free scroll vacuum pump, we should first determine the required vacuum degree. If the required vacuum degree is high, the selected vacuum pump will be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise, it will not meet the requirements of vacuum pumping, and it will not meet the working requirements. Another is the pumping rate of oil-free vortex vacuum pump, which should be slightly higher than the required pumping rate in selection, so as to better meet the needs. Finally, check whether the extracted gas is corrosive. The corrosive gas will corrode the pump. Special materials must be used to meet the requirements.

The above is a series of knowledge about the selection of oil-free scroll vacuum pump. With the rapid development of China’s industry, the application of vacuum pump is more and more extensive. For example, in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, low-temperature equipment pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, electronic industry, vacuum equipment and other fields. How to choose the price of vacuum pump depends on the budget and economic strength of the enterprise.

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