oil-free vacuum pump in saccharification process

Oil free vacuum pumps provide customized solutions for applications in the saccharification process. Industry is the foundation of social economy, and food industry has always been the top priority of national economic construction. Oil free vacuum pump products have been playing an important role in the food industry. Saccharification refers to the process of starch decomposition into sweet products, which is the main process of starch sugar production, and also the main process of many intermediate products in the process of food fermentation. The methods of saccharification depend on the sweetness of the products and the corresponding physical and chemical properties, and can be divided into three types: acid method, enzyme method and acid enzyme combination method.

The use of oil-free vacuum pump for alcohol production is a more advanced technology. After gelatinization, it enters into the vacuum tank at about 130 ℃, in which the vacuum degree is 610mmhg, and the corresponding boiling point is about 60 ℃. Flash evaporation and cooling can keep the three-dimensional network structure of starch, prevent the starch from aging, which is conducive to the role of amylase. Increase alcohol production. There is no need for cooling pipe in crucible pot. This is particularly important in areas where the hardness of the cooling water is high. Because the cooling coil is easy to scale and heat transfer is affected, even in serious cases, the pipe is often blocked. No oil-free vacuum pump was used for vacuum cooling.

There are many types of oil-free vacuum pumps, which are widely used in plastic machinery, brick machinery, food machinery, low-temperature equipment, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking machinery, pesticide, vacuum equipment, dye chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, industrial electricity, etc. Furnace, electronic industry, mining and foundation treatment.

Advantages of oil-free vacuum pump compared with other pump products, oil-free vacuum pump is more suitable for removing gas containing water vapor; if a filter is installed, it can remove dust gas. There are many changes in the application of this device.

Principle: no oil design, piston reciprocating operation, no need to maintain, save trouble and worry

Technology: advanced technology, precision structure, very low noise (less than 50 dB), to avoid noise interference

Quality: through 3000 hours of continuous load test, the quality is reliable, no worries

Configuration: there is a vacuum regulating valve, which is convenient for the operator to adjust the required vacuum pressure manually; and a simple installation package is available for purchase. Users can easily and quickly convert the vacuum pump into a positive pressure pump.

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