Paper mill water ring Vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump is the most commonly used equipment in the paper vacuum system, which is well known to the technical personnel in the paper industry. However, the application of turbine fan in China’s paper industry is relatively late, and the relevant technical personnel in the paper industry know little about it, which is often regarded as “new technology”. In fact, the invention time of these two kinds of vacuum generating equipment is very close, and they have a long history in the paper industry. Both have advantages and disadvantages, can not be replaced each other, so they have been coexisting in the paper industry. Under the existing technical conditions, the water ring vacuum pump has more advantages and still occupies the dominant position in the market.

Papermaking needs to remove a lot of water from the paper machine. The liquid ring vacuum pump has the ability to adjust the vacuum degree to optimize the water removal in the paper machine area. The liquid ring vacuum pump continues the vacuum process through some parts and improves the vacuum degree. Finally, the liquid ring vacuum pump provides additional dewatering in the paper machine section.

Cost of paper dehydration. Dehydration of fabrics on paper machines consumes energy to physically remove water particles. If the vacuum pump is worn and the air flow drops to 60% of the original flow, energy and pump seal water will be wasted, and the white water must be removed from the paper by steam in the dryer part to evaporate the water under higher utilization rate. More energy / pound water removed than used in vacuum pumps.


For paper and fabric dehydration equipment of paper machine. To provide a robust vacuum box and swing shower to clean newer technology man-made fiber paper machine fabrics. A system method for fabric conditioning of a paper machine is provided to dehydrate the paper to include the function of a liquid ring vacuum pump.

The liquid ring vacuum pump adopts a single-stage and single function structure, which is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, reliable in operation, high in efficiency and energy saving. It can be applied to severe working conditions with large displacement and large load impact fluctuation. They are usually used to draw gas without solid particles, undissolved and non corrosive gases, so as to form vacuum and pressure in closed containers. By changing the structural materials, they can also be used to inhale corrosive gases or use corrosive liquids as working fluids.

Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. Paint the whole body with baking paint.

2. The pump is manufactured according to German DIN standard.

3. Equipped with level indicator for starting observation.

4. The impeller is made of nodular cast iron or steel by welding, which can ensure high stability and long service life under severe conditions.

5. Coupling (direct drive type) and highly reinforced elastic material (made of polyurethane) can ensure the stability and long service life of the pump.

6. Mechanical seal (optional), no air leakage, especially suitable for toxic gas suction.

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